Write Bravely


“Whether or not you write, write bravely.”

-Bill Stout

A testimonial from the Event A Single’s Fellowship: How to be a better single woman for 2017 by Franchesca Mercado

Last January 7, 2017, me and my friend KC, attended an event which was organized by one of the sisters that I look up to at The Feast, Sis Ree Bringuelo. It was entitled as “How to be a better single woman for 2017”.

Before we arrived there, we’ve faced two challenges along the way. First, KC’s work schedule was 12 am to 9 am. The event starts at 8am and it’s only up to 12 pm. We are already late for an hour and a half. Actually, when we arrived there, it was about to finish. Second, we don’t know how to go to the place. The taxi driver that we’ve got doesn’t know how to go there either and was already frustrated to us. Even though, we’re still thankful that we reached the place because of Google map.

I believed that God was just on time. True enough, the message that God wanted me to hear was the quote above which was shared by Ree. I loved it. I really, really loved it. Actually, I was envious of her braveness in writing. She stepped out of her comfort zone towards her courage zone and now she was about to publish a book and currently working on her second manuscript.


She inspired me a lot not just that day but even before she started writing her book. Actually, every time I’m reading her blogs, there’s a certain line that always touches my heart. God was telling me to WRITE BRAVELY through Ree. He wanted me to believe in myself and start inspiring others as well as much as how Ree was moving me through her blogs. God was telling me to let go of my inhibitions and start acting on my dreams.

Just this moment, I’ve texted Ms. Sha Nacino inquiring about the 90-day book writing challenge. Thanks to Ree, I was able to move one step forward to my dreams.