Before we begin talking about this, Let me ask you,

What do you want for your life?

Really. What change do you want to happen in your life?

My name is Rio Laine Bringuelo, I am a certified Life coach, a motivational vlogger, author of the best singles’ guide for single women entitled, “Where do Broken Hearts go?”.

How about you? What crazy credentials you wish you have for yourself?

If you want to take a leap of faith, a sense of fulfillment and something transformation to happen in your life, continue reading and I hope we get the chance to talk soon.

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Are you tired of crying every night because your definition of forever did not end up the way you want it to be?

Do you feel like you lost your directions? You don’t know where to go after you hit rockbottom?

It seems like you don’t know what to do anymore because it really broke you apart?

Are you trying to forget your EX?

You are trying to forget:

  1. Those bad EXperiences that you had.
  2. The EXtra people who keeps on hurting you with their criticism and painful comments about you.
  3. The one that got away, the one who hurt you the most, the one you are now calling “Ex”?

A lot of us wanted to get healed from brokenness, maybe you too are trying to cope up with something that happened to you.

So, you tried to move forward, you suit up, prepared yourself, and ready to embrace change. but as you go along the road, you realize..


And everything that is happening to you right now makes you recall the past.

So you belittle yourself again, you procastinate thinking everything is just a dream, you start to believe in what other people are saying about you,

“You can’t make it.”,

“You can’t do it.”,

“You are stuck.”

There are tons of negative criticism that you kill yourself with these every single day!

Worst case scenario, you stalk again the person who hurt you the most!


Did you read my introduction awhile ago?

I am a certified life coach, and I want to help you figure out what you really want to do with your life.

How did I know this works?

Because I went under this Life Coach program too!

I was so lost that time!

I was heartbroken, I just entered a new environment trying to get over with the emotions and just jump into hiring a LIFE COACH because I want to know WHY this is all happening with my life.

Why is this happening to me? Why do I need to get hurt?

Why are there dreams in my heart that keeps on bugging me at night?

Why do I have so many creative ideas when infact I should be just thinking how to be good in my profession as a registered nurse here in the Philippines?

Why do I feel like I wanted to speak infront of other people, nurturing, inspiring and serving them?

Why do I feel like I need to write a book?

I came from a bad situation; dragged myself to another comfort zone and felt I needed more!

Here’s the deal, I am giving you a free guide WHY YOU SHOULD NOT FORGET YOUR EX in your email and let’s talk about your insights.

Who knows? I might invite you for a simple date and give you a FREE CONSULTATION.

Sounds good?