Please choose to live.


I heard my body saying, “I’m in pain.”

My heart cried out loud saying, “I’m in pain too.”

While my mind stopped working and remained quiet.

I guess I’m in pain.

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.

Despite the long list of contacts in my phone, I feel alone.

I don’t have anyone to call or run or go to.

So instead of mourning I preferred to listen to my breathing.


And I can’t stop the tapes in my mind asking, “How long should I carry on?”

I know this sounds familiar to you.

This might be your story too.

You are exhausted somewhere and you feel like you are losing your breath.

You want to beat it but you feel like it’s winning.

Different noises started saying ” Give up”, “Don’t fight anymore”, and “Just end it”.

And I know you are battling this over and over again.

I don’t know what kind of pain you’re experiencing right now.

I don’t know how long you can handle it.

But all I know is, we can’t give up.

Not now.

Not today.

Not tomorrow.

Not unless He permits.

Other people in their deathbead wanted a life like ours.

Wanted a life like mine.

We always have options whenever life seems dark, quiet and empty.

Listen to music.

Enter an art class.



Be who you really are.

And shut the noise by proving it wrong and not ending your life.

You’re gonna make it.
You’re not weak.
You’re enough.
You will fail but you’re not a complete failure.

I know His plans are taking too long, but please journey with me and let’s wait together..

We owe ourselves a brighter future.

We can Kill the GIANTS.
I hope you choose to still live.


Life is not about winning

You think you failed in life? This is for you.



Take a deep breath.

How are you coping?

From everything that life has thrown at you?

How are you doing?

You may think that no one is there for you, no one is real and everyone is going to leave you anyway.

But my dear, take a deep breath, and I hope you give me the chance to let you know that It’s not just about winning.

Have you ever made a decision that you think will never be right, but you did it anyway?

Have you ever made an action that you think will sound selfish, but you did it anyway?

Have you ever lied because you think it’s worth to save something you really want and you want to do it anyway?

You might be drowning yourself from all the negative thoughts in your mind. You want to jump off the cliff and forget about how life has been so unfair to you.

You might be planning to run away and start all over again because it’s easier than facing the big giants that slowly is killing you?

Take a deep breath.

It’s not just about winning.

Yes, you heard me right.

And the society might mock you, your friends might leave you, the people around you might just ignore you, block you and found you are not even close to the person they think you are and it’s okay.

It’s never going to be easy, but it’s okay.

It’s okay because once in a while you will feel you are living the life you chose; you are made by scars and bruises that made you committed to think as broad as the universe tells you, you will be the man of steel from all the mock that you have received, you are going to be just fine because you don’t need to dwell on this alone.

You will always have someone up above that will allow you to jump, to run, to hide, to get slipped and to fail.

And I will continue to write for you until you’ll feel that you still have a purpose.

Life is not about winning the battle.

Life is all about answering your own whys and hows.

Life is all about challenge after challenge yet love after love.

Life is all about yourself and experiences.

It’s going to be just fine.

Fail fast.

Live better.

Die hard.

And comeback with so much love in your heart because you want to live wrong to help someone’s life better.

It’s not going to be smooth sailing but it will be worth a detour.

You will find the right way, as promised.

The running will stop.

There’s no need to hide.

You will be saved.

You will have all the reasons soon.

Don’t live your life with full of blame and shame with yourself.

It’s okay. You’re going to lose but you’re going to be just fine.

And when the right time comes that you have to win already, remember the pain. Remember the wrong things you’ve done, the bad decisions you made and the pain that you caused yourself. You will be a great warrior and you will help those who think they deserve less.

Have a great ride ahead!

God Bless you!


It was a good fight

You love.

You tried to risk everything because you see her in any way possible

You love.

And it came out in a place where you never thought it could be there.

You went there empty handed and now you are going out with so much.

Something heavy. Something unbearable.

You love.

You tried to risk everything because you see her in any way possible

Her lips.

Her smiles.

Her radiance.

Her beauty.

Her soul.

Everything was just perfect but your question is, “God, why not her?”

You love.

Even if your investment has no return.

Even if you look stupid stalking her

Even if you know the answer will always be a “no”

So, you tried and tried and tried until the only thing left to you was nothing.

You went overboard. You went over things. You over yourself

And now, you forgot the meaning of everything, you forgot that it was all about love.

It should always be love.

Then you decided to run backwards,

To hide

To run

To think

To live

To breath

I hope you don’t forget to love again.

To love yourself more than anything else

So to you, who played so hard in the game of love,

To you who tried your best,

To you who lose everything because you thought it was still love

Hey! You played pretty good.

It was a good fight after all.

All you need is go back to the basics.

To remind yourself of your worth.

There is more to life than loving others and loving her.

That’s to love yourself.

God Bless!


What it feels to be blessed at 26

Just like you, I, too, had a best and worst roller coaster ride of my life.



I know I’m too young to count how blessed I am at this age. Because I know most of you will say, you got a long life to live.

Struggles come.

Challenges happen.

Everything is just about to come.

But the question is not how blessed I am at this age, but How do we really define blessed?

If you’re definition of “blessed is that you got the dream job you want, Your salary is almost a hundred thousand every month, You own a successful business and you are traveling in almost 1/2 the archipelago then I am not that blessed.

I am just a tiny part of the dust, circulating around metro manila.

But if your definition of blessed” is that you see even an ant as a grace from heaven, your definition of blessed is that there are people around you who’s been supporting you and building your character up, if your definition is that you always find everything something to be grateful for then maybe I can pass your standards.

Today I am about to board for my 6:15pm flight going to Iloilo. It wasn’t part of my plan to go out-of-town this month but because God thinks I needed a perfect getaway to clear my mind so He got me an instant Ticket.

Blessing, right?

It’s been awhile since I decided to follow Jesus. I started 2 years ago, by actively going to The Feast every sunday. Then I started engaging myself to different gathering for singles who got enormous love and faith.

Everything was a transition.

From there I learned to see everything as a blessing. With no doubts and hesitations, I said Yes TO HIM. Yes to moving forward, Yes to dreams and goals, Yes to making it all happen, Yes to putting up my own charity event, AGAPE, Yes to meeting a lot of people, Yes to LIFE.

And then everything else follows, My Mom and Dad were able to put up apartments, my sister is now driving her own car, my other sister is now the president of AMSA in UST and the other one is now enhancing her talents when it comes to art.

And I keep thanking God every day for blessing us abundantly.

Don’t get me wrong, we also have struggles. My sister needs to change different courses so she can find what suits her best. My other sister has to pay a lot in her tuition fee which makes my dad work even harder. My mom has to run her own travel agency while managing her apartment because a lot of people she trusts, disappointed her already.

We also lost someone close to us at the middle of 2016, my uncle.

Just like you, I, too, had a best and worst rollercoaster ride of my life.

I must deal with success and failures at the same time.

Sabay talaga sila minsan.

So here comes the question again, How do we define blessed? Especially if the world thinks you are not yet matured enough to experience what a 40, 50 or even 60 years old experienced?

Well, I guess, Blessings are blessings if you choose to see them as grace.

If you choose to see them with faith.

Age doesn’t determine how young or old you are for challenges and trials, Age is just a number, right?

But how do you see blessings when you reach 26, 27, 28 or maybe 40? 50? 60 years old?

You got to TRAVEL.

Travel backwards.

You got to remember everything that you have experienced.

You got to see how everything in your life turned you to the person you see in the mirror every day.

Travel backwards, my dear, then say your thanksgiving.

That’s when you move on after.

I wish you the best as you daydream today.

God Bless You!


How are you holding up?

One of the boldest blog I’ve ever made.

You are not defined by what the world says.

PHOTO FROM A SINGLE’S FELLOWSHIP ” How to be a better Single Woman for 2017″

“ You are not beautiful”

“You are stupid”

“You are a mess”

“You can never make it”

“You are not worthy”

These words hurt you every day. These words are what people put in your mind. The question is, Are you letting them feed your mind?

A lot of people compliment me because I am kind-hearted. I’m easy to be with, I’m lively and I’m positive. People love me because they see a lot of joy in me. Forgive me if you find it not to humbling but that’s the truth! It drives me to be good, to be forgiving, to be joyful, to be someone who has a lot of stored patience in the system of her body that will explode in 5.. 4.. 3..

Okay enough.

But to be honest, it’s not easy!

People always take advantage.

They tease you and bully you because you got a lot of positive energy in your heart. You always forgive them, right?

But what if everything you know about me will fade? What if one day I will not be forgiving, I will not be generous, I will not be who you define me to be?

What if I fail you?

Just last week, I heard some news that other people define me by who I am with. They define me who I share my breakfast with, lunch, dinner and every millisecond they can think of. (Kahit nasa bahay lang naman ako, magisa at nanunuod ng A love to Last)

And that’s painful, because after all the things you’ve done; people will always believe that there is darkness in you.

So, they keep on talking behind your back.

But you know what, God’s overflowing love for me this past 26 years will never make me define myself the way people define me.

I’ve gone through a lot.

I cannot be who other people will want me to be.

I can only be myself.

God is working on me. I am still in the process.

And maybe, if there are people in my life who I want to spend my time with, the question is never WHO.

As long as it inspires me, it motivates me and it’s making me the better version of myself, then Who and Why is never the question.

Today, Let me remind you to be yourself. To love yourself the way you want to love others. The problem with us is we let them steal our joy. We let them dictate to us who we should be.

You are on your 20s.

You are exploring life.

You are unique and no one should ever tell you that you are not AMAZING.

Because you are.

And because there is a God who loves you.

Who will always be at your side.

Through thick or thin.

I am Ree and I am not defined by what people think I am not. But I am defined by the God who made me.

How about you?

Who defines you?

God Bless you!



Wag na lang kaya? (Nevermind)

“You don’t know how or if it’s ever going to be possible again, after you got yourself broken.”


What if it fails?

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I am not enough?

These are the questions we hear from ourselves when we try to start another fire after a break up.

The fire I was talking about is the “fire” – enough to light up the romantic side of you, again; the hope, the eagerness, the enthusiasm and the hype to find love.

Yes, I am talking about the little electricity you feel when you want to start again.

“You don’t know how or if it’s ever going to be possible again, after you got yourself broken.”

Well, for some who broke up with a minor heart break, maybe it was easy to find another love.

But for some who felt that they made their world turning around in one person, believe me, it’s not as easy as changing shirts; it was a lot more.

It was more of hesitations, before pushing the gas paddle.

It was more of “Hi, I’m..” then when someone replied, you put them in Seen zone.

It was more of Yes to first date and when you feel that there’s a little flaw, a little not HER or HIM, you’ll never try again.

It was more of PUSH AND PULL, na para bang wag na lang pala.

Anything that will make you remind of His Love, His Smiles, His all and anything that will remind you of NOT her, not her smell, not her beauty, not her care you end up to “wag na lang pala”.

So, in your search, you feel you are losing more than gaining.

It was you being so emotional attached again.

It was easy now to feel vulnerable, so you guard your heart to the point that no one can ever be greater than your old lovestory.

I don’t know why I even wrote this thing. I don’t know if it’s making sense.

But I just felt I have to tell you that I feel you.

The feeling of how it is to be so guarded that when one person looks like it’s not going to work out, you move on kahit wala naman talagang kayo.

The feeling of Yes or No, the feeling of tagutaguan (hide and seek), the feeling of mauna mag-fall – talo (first to fall hard, lose) , the feeling of friendzone, the feeling of trial and error – and most importantly the feeling of wag nalang pala.

Are you that afraid to take the risk?

Are you afraid to make the next move?

Are you afraid that you’ll be shattered into pieces?

Are you afraid that you’ll find the wrong person, again?

Are you afraid to start over again?

Here’s the good news, you are not alone.

I am afraid too.

Now, I guess we have to boil down to one perfect resolution – Have Faith.

That whatever it is, and whatever it will be, if you pray so hard to the Lord ; He or she will come just perfect.

In Perfect Time.

In Perfect Place.

Perfect Person.

And no flaw will ever prevail because He or She will come with a lot of Faith that it’s going to be you, too.

I don’t have the answers. This is now between you, your faith and your God to WHEN it’s going to be worth it.

God Bless!



*photo credits to owner

Darling, You can!

Stay at home and be disciplined enough not to be tempted to think too much or take a vacation somewhere out of network zones.


I recently took a-6-day-off of No Facebook, No commitments and No ministry related coffee dates. And believe me, it helped me a lot!

I was able to focus on my work alone. I was able to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day, got new ideas for my blog and I even had the time to write more!

And as I promised on my Instagram post, I love to share to you tips on how to have a week like this!

You have two options: Stay at home and be disciplined enough not to be tempted to think too much or take a vacation somewhere out of network zones.

But first let me share to you 4 crazy ideas I learned while I was searching for tranquility:

1.You can Rest

A lot of people (Okay, I’m guilty!) People like me, who likes to get things in control, have the tendency to put a lot on their plate. We thought that taking full responsibility means doing almost all the work. We stress ourselves too much until we don’t have the energy anymore to enjoy when it’s done. Whenever we see people who do less work and still get the same success, we start to wonder. I hope you don’t get jealous.

My Dear, Here’s what I learned while I was reading the Book Today is the Day written by Bill Cornelius, People succeed because they allow other people who are skilled enough to do the job for them. They delegate the tasks and all they do is place the plan and figure out which area they can contribute best.  Success doesn’t happen overnight so instead of filling up your schedule you need to know when you need to ask help.

Also, you cannot perform well if you are physically drained. Maybe your will is telling you that you can do more but your body is weak after doing such heavy workload. You need rest like anybody else.

Remember, God even rested on the Seventh day, right?

  1. You can post freely

I’ve been taught that posting in social media account is a responsibility. Whenever you post something out of anger, a person who’s having a good day may get affected; same as posting your emotions when you are sad or depressed.

People nowadays see social media as a way to connect people, but some people overuse this idea and instead of connecting with people, they use this to destroy others.

On my second tip to you, what I mean “You can post freely” is you can post something out of your system once in a while, something hilarious maybe?; something that can brighten someone’s day without hurting them. There can be instances that you could bring out that funny side of yours!

Actually, there are times that I want to post something that is not from a quote from a book or from a movie line, I just want to be me but because you know some people are used to what I post, they get that question marks on their faces whenever I post something crazy about me “ I recently fell down the stairs and I laugh so hard that my ribs cracked and I was rushed to ER” (HAHA just kidding) or Woke up like Solenn Heusaff with a selfie on my instagram account.

I wish I can take back my old twitter account and share to you how loud and imperfect my life is haha! So My Dear, It’s okay to do something crazy like that. It’s your post anyway, no one can take that away from you! You have to lose a little bit of seriousness in yourself. But again, be cautious!

  1. You can cry over a comedy movie

Believe me, I didn’t know why I cried over Mike and Dave movie! Maybe I was touched when Eric surprisingly gave a hot air balloon tickets to her future bride Jeanie (He’s even afraid of heights, My golly!). Then I started smiling and asked myself “Why did I cried over this movie?”

Again, you can cry over any television shows. You just need to, like what I said, crack that seriousness of yours, from time to time.

Find time to watch a movie, with or without company, then bring yourself some snacks and relax on a comfy backseat.

  1. You can do it again.

You can Rest, You can post something out of your system from time to time and You can cry over any movie shows you like. You can do whatever you want. You can even make that dream of yours possible! You just need to find time to recharge that negative energy and restart a new week with a better you.

Well, this blog is not just for you but also a reminder for me to take easy on life.

Have a great V-A-C-A-Y Everyone!

God Bless!