Lessons from the movie, Wonder


After watching the wonder movie, I realized that we all have stories to tell. We have actually great stories to make that can change someone’s life. We may find it boring or not very interesting, but, our story can actually finish the other. Our story is too powerful that it can even save or break others.

Bullying is rampant not only in schools but also at work. Maybe, because they want to be a person of authority and they have defended themselves all the way to be on top. While, others, are just born that way. Nah. I don’t believe that.

We are all products of our choices.

We choose what happens next so, if we choose to bully it’s either of the two things: we get bullied so much we don’t want it to happen again or we want to fight back through other’s who cannot even defend themselves. The cycle goes on until someone will actually stood up. I remembered Mr. Browne’s September Precept in the movie, When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.

Always Choose kind.

It may not always be acceptable for the society or may please others. But it will make you feel fulfilled and contented.

That’s what really important.

Now, another part of the movie I love is the lesson that there are always two sides of the story. We all wanted to be heard but not everyone is willing to understand the situations. We are all busy explaining ourselves that we tend to forget to listen.

Incase, I did it to you.

I am sorry. I am really sorry.

I survived may elementary days, being the nicest and the kindest among the class. I am not making myself a superstar here but this is true. I talk to everyone in the class or in the school. I make friends. I hate bullies. Yes, sounds perfect but, because of this I also have to please everyone. I need to maintain being likable. And, in order for people to notice me more, I hyperventilate every time I am caught in a situation I can’t solve. Incase, you experience drawing air from a paper bag, yes, that was you getting all the stress and you feel like you needed love.

So, I used to be a people pleaser. I over think when people started to think I’m wrong or when others are doing the bad things. I became a perfectionist. I always wanted to be right. Maybe that’s why I lost one of my dearest friends.

I never listened.

Because I am the nicest person, I gave myself the right to be angry to anyone and for how long I want.

It was hard for me to build bridges that time.

And up to this day, I have the tendency not to forget things that made me hurt and feel so bad.

But thank God for chances!

I grew up. And I know I still have to work on with that.

It includes listening to the other part of the story all the time.

You may not like the old me. Maybe, I spoil your ideal thoughts about me.

But Hey, Thank You. Thank You for listening to a part of my story.

For actually reading this, and for making me feel like I have someone who actually cares.

The heart is the map that shows us where we’re going, and the physical (face) shows us where we’ve been.

Thank You for being part of the map!



It’s never been easy, I know.

Today, I asked myself, “What are you doing with your life, Ree?”


Things are not going to be easy

It will never be.

You know why? Because every time you are closest to your victory something strange will happen

It will hinder you,

It will break you,

It will make you move backwards,

It will make you give up,

But also,

It will make you push harder,

It will make you stronger,

It will bend you but not destroy you,

It will challenge you,

It will make you someone you never thought you will become.

“What are you planning for the next days, months or years of your life? You don’t want to be stuck!”

This keeps me worried for days because i don’t have any plans going abroad as a nurse, I want to have my book published, but I don’t know how, I want more speaking engagements but I don’t know when will I ever be given another opportunity.

I feel stuck.

How about you?

What is your story?

The moment you started working in a job and you don’t know what to do next is a way different that enrolling to a school and don’t know what course to take.

Because no matter what you choose there is going to be the “next step”. You study, you make thesis, and you graduate with parents guiding you or friends backing you up.

But when you start working, you have to do the entire decision making; you are on your own now. You have to act like an adult. You have to do something to level up.

And being an adult means a lot of responsibilities.

So to you who is asking God why you failed to get a 90 or an A, to you who wanted to grow fast, to you who want an instant upgrade, to you who wanted to just run away from your house and your parents.

Slow down.

There’s a while different kind of world here. You have to embrace whatever it is you are in. You have to enjoy growing. You have to live life even if you feel like graces are not coming.

I may feel stuck at this point but I know victory will come. My story is there to exist. The purpose of my story might work for you. You may have a different perspective on what’s happening to me. The important is, I got a story to tell. I got words to say.

My voice is His voice.

You are going to figure it out soon, honey.

Wait but work really hard.

Enjoy this season with love and faith!

I am one with you!

Have a blessed week!

God Bless!


To the Brave Women in long distance relationships

This is for all the brave women who hopes, who thinks and who believes that love will always win.



This is for the brave women who stayed in love after the love of their life got into a different timezone.

This is for the brave women who patiently wait for a call or text overseas.

This is for the brave women who wakes up in the middle of the night to check if he came home safe in a place she doesn’t know.

This is for the brave women who chose to be in a relationship when everyone says it’s never gonna work.

This is for the brave women who’s fine with virtual hugs and kisses when the rest is doing public display of affection.

This is for the brave women who learns to check her make up on over a video hoping a compliment from the other side.

This is for the brave women who tries to calm down when he’s out and she has no one to tell about how she needed a hug that day.

This is for all the brave women who hopes, who thinks and who believes that love will always win.

You are courageous, my dear.

A tough creation.

Don’t let your shine lose by the dawn. Everything is going to work out if you continue to believe that love is greater than distance and noise.

I hope everyone is going to be tough as you.

God is very proud of you.

God Bless!


You cannot always have it all

You can have atleast something for youself


You cannot always have it all.

You cannot always have whatever you like.

Whether it’s a job that you dream of having, a relationship that you anticipated 5 years ago, a financial wealth that you prepared for years – You can’t have it all

Maybe that’s the reason why there should be challenges, we have to realize that it is always a battle between love and fear.

It is always a question how far will you go?

I can still remember when I was a kid, my mom will use the “dustpan” to eliminate the water that’s getting into our house brought by flood.

That moment I told myself that I will not let it happen again.

I have to strive hard. I have to save. I have to control my money. I have to be sensitive all the time.

I cannot always ask unless it’s urgent.

So when my Dad got promoted from work, little by little we were able to move to a better house. There I trained my mind to ask what I only need.

I deprived myself from what I want.

I thought it was always the right choice.

I was not able to see that I was actually limiting my dad on what he can do and provide for me.

I allowed these thoughts to somehow make me feel I always have to prove myself when my dad was actually proud of me already.

He was working hard because he wanted me to feel I deserve such things – new shoes for school, new laptop for my writing, new clothes for special occasions.

My dear friends, we have this thinking that we cannot have everything we want, so when an opportunity knocks in, we used this as an excuse.

We never wanted to try because we are actually afraid of rejection.

You may not have it all but at least give yourself a chance to try.

Try every chance thereut at least give yourself a chance to try. is – in your dream job, relationships, and financial status.

In whatever you want.

Live a little by taking risk

You can have at least something for yourself.

God Bless!





What it feels to be blessed at 26

Just like you, I, too, had a best and worst roller coaster ride of my life.



I know I’m too young to count how blessed I am at this age. Because I know most of you will say, you got a long life to live.

Struggles come.

Challenges happen.

Everything is just about to come.

But the question is not how blessed I am at this age, but How do we really define blessed?

If you’re definition of “blessed is that you got the dream job you want, Your salary is almost a hundred thousand every month, You own a successful business and you are traveling in almost 1/2 the archipelago then I am not that blessed.

I am just a tiny part of the dust, circulating around metro manila.

But if your definition of blessed” is that you see even an ant as a grace from heaven, your definition of blessed is that there are people around you who’s been supporting you and building your character up, if your definition is that you always find everything something to be grateful for then maybe I can pass your standards.

Today I am about to board for my 6:15pm flight going to Iloilo. It wasn’t part of my plan to go out-of-town this month but because God thinks I needed a perfect getaway to clear my mind so He got me an instant Ticket.

Blessing, right?

It’s been awhile since I decided to follow Jesus. I started 2 years ago, by actively going to The Feast every sunday. Then I started engaging myself to different gathering for singles who got enormous love and faith.

Everything was a transition.

From there I learned to see everything as a blessing. With no doubts and hesitations, I said Yes TO HIM. Yes to moving forward, Yes to dreams and goals, Yes to making it all happen, Yes to putting up my own charity event, AGAPE, Yes to meeting a lot of people, Yes to LIFE.

And then everything else follows, My Mom and Dad were able to put up apartments, my sister is now driving her own car, my other sister is now the president of AMSA in UST and the other one is now enhancing her talents when it comes to art.

And I keep thanking God every day for blessing us abundantly.

Don’t get me wrong, we also have struggles. My sister needs to change different courses so she can find what suits her best. My other sister has to pay a lot in her tuition fee which makes my dad work even harder. My mom has to run her own travel agency while managing her apartment because a lot of people she trusts, disappointed her already.

We also lost someone close to us at the middle of 2016, my uncle.

Just like you, I, too, had a best and worst rollercoaster ride of my life.

I must deal with success and failures at the same time.

Sabay talaga sila minsan.

So here comes the question again, How do we define blessed? Especially if the world thinks you are not yet matured enough to experience what a 40, 50 or even 60 years old experienced?

Well, I guess, Blessings are blessings if you choose to see them as grace.

If you choose to see them with faith.

Age doesn’t determine how young or old you are for challenges and trials, Age is just a number, right?

But how do you see blessings when you reach 26, 27, 28 or maybe 40? 50? 60 years old?

You got to TRAVEL.

Travel backwards.

You got to remember everything that you have experienced.

You got to see how everything in your life turned you to the person you see in the mirror every day.

Travel backwards, my dear, then say your thanksgiving.

That’s when you move on after.

I wish you the best as you daydream today.

God Bless You!


Never limit yourself

Isn’t that what God wants us to be?


I miss writing for myself and for you.

And you have to believe it because I am smiling today while I was doing this blog.

A month ago, I decided to do something crazy and something I thought could never be possible – a book.

And I locked myself on a schedule that actually ate my social life.

It was weird, exhausting, frustrating but it was all worth it.

I have to lessen my “dress to impress” on events, fixing my hair, brushing my teeth, taking a bath.

WOW. I was just kidding. Did you actually believe that?

But seriously, I lessen my time focusing on my physical appearance and draw more to what’s inside. I focused on my heart’s desire.

I made something crazy that will leave my 2016 something better to move forward for the next year.

Just like what I said I wrote my first digital book that I love to pass among you.

Be part of my event and I’ll give you one! REGISTER HERE

Can I share a secret?

When I was 15 years old, I created my first written material entitled Reality bites. It was created by a young, hopeless romantic girl who wanted to fit it in the world of a guy who treats her as a best friend. From that time on, I get hooked on best friend’s stories in books, movies and stories among my friends. I can still remember I put that material inside a clear file and passed it among my friends. It has shameful italicized font styles and with big font sizes!

I am praying no one can find it because It was not that good.

Tagalog na nga lang may grammar errors pa.

And as far as I can remember, when I read it 4 or 5 years ago, I couldn’t even understand why I was able to write that one. Sobrang funny at hindi ko naiintindihan kahit sarili kong tagalog.

(I bet I really have good support system that time because they said it was a good read kahit parang hindi)

But you know what; I realized I was actually born not just to write but to dream, to inspire, to make my own move, to be someone extraordinary.

Isn’t that what God wants us to be?

To make us feel that we are not just human, we are human beings capable of doing a lot of things. You just have to find it within you; your capabilities, your abilities and whatever God has put in your heart.

I know most of you who are reading this are still looking for themselves.

Looking for whatever they are good at.

You are looking for an urge to do something as crazy like I did.

Maybe this sign is what you are looking for.

You have to do some action now.

You have to take that leap of faith.

If you are single and you are young and willing to learn, maybe you can start that on my event.


But to be honest, maybe I can help you in that way.

Or just start somewhere.

You never know what you can and cannot do until you find it yourself.

Have a good day everyone!

God loves you!

God Bless!









Jump to life with me?

Imagine yourself almost hanging at the end of the cliff. One final step and you’re done.

“ I am at the end of the cliff, how will I go back or Should I jump?”

13970-hiker feet seaside peak_edited.630w.tn.jpgImagine yourself almost hanging at the end of the cliff.  One final step and you’re done.

Is that your life right now?

You are at the edge of your career where you can’t just run away of obligations?

You are at the edge of you relationship where you wanted to let go but you can’t because of guilt?

You are at the edge of your finances where you wanted to run away from all your debts but you can’t because you owe too big?

You are hanging. You’re almost giving up.

I get your point.

I get that you wanted to run back, you don’t want to jump because you are clueless if someone or something is going to catch you.


You are afraid to die.

But are you really going to die?

Or you’re are most risk if you run backwards?

How about the dreams that have a 10% possibility it will come true?

How about the toxic relationships that is killing you emotionally?

How about the finances that if only you’ll pay one step at a time it can be solved.

My friend, I am afraid to jump.

What if my dreams won’t come true? What if I fail? What if my parents will say “ Sabi ko sayo e”.

What if the world will judge me?

What if He’ll find someone better? What if He’s just waiting for a second? Third? Endless chances?

What if He’s going to change?

What if I can’t really pay? What if they won’t trust me anymore?


Hey, What if You’re not actually going to die?

What if your failures are just leading you to something better? What if God’s will is something big and something more and you just have to try?

What if YES, you failed but it will drive you to more opportunities that will unleash more of your potential?

What if Mr. Right is just waiting you to let go of your past?

What if someone better will come along? Someone who’s willing to give you the chance to walk on the aisle?

What if you are to inspire others through your stories? What if you are born to motivate other single ladies to grow better?

What if you’re debt is actually teaching you to save? To budget? To prepare you for your future?

What if you can win in life?

What if you jump and instead of falling, you fly?

You are the ANSWER to all of this.

Make your crazy move sweetheart!

Victory is coming!

God Bless!



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