To the Best story never told

You are God’s greatest gift to me.


To the best story never told, I want you to know that you are the greatest story I will always thank God for.

The beauty of us ending such a beautiful story for a greater good is what truly defines unconditional love.

You once told me that the reason why you are letting me go is because God said, “It’s time.”

It’s time to stop being selfish.
It’s time to restore freedom and gain forgiveness.
It’s time to rebuild self and heal the wounds.

It’s time to put Him truly in the center.

You said that a beautiful story shouldn’t end as tragic as the other relationships we had and that letting me go for His glory is nothing but a happy thought.

You will always be the best story never told but always felt.

I will always remember.

I will always cherish.

You will always be the person who brings me the happiest and most special memories I will be forever grateful.

You are the best person I will forever cherish
And not a single memory will ever be wasted.

I am happy I found unconditional love from you.

To the lead star of the story never told, you are brave, you are kind, you are courageous, you are a soul saver and you are better than what you think.

Despite the choice of yours to keep you behind the curtain, I will grab this opportunity to thank you for being God’s perfect example of His love for me.

I know that the journey will be hard; getting over someone who never did wrong but wish you the best.

But I will still take the challenge and stand up for God’s story is not yet over.

I know He has something for you at the end of the tunnel as He has planned for my life too.

We are going to get through this.

I know in His own perfect time, His happily ever after for our lives will be revealed.

Take care of your relationships because if you don’t…


Right after the retreat, my life changed. I told myself maybe it’s time to apologize for the people I always neglect, disregard and overlook. It’s time to say “I’m sorry and thank you” for the people who always go extra mile for me. It’s time for me to stop thinking about others and be honest if there are concerns I want to raise.

I needed to stop people from taking over my life when I have also the mind to decide and heart to know.

So, i wrote a long message to a friend who’s always there for me through my ups and downs since college. I wanted to apologize for running away instead of telling her that I can decide on my own. Eversince my heart got broken, She protected and guarded me. She is always there, watching my back, wanting me to end up with a prince charming. She was my sister and mother at the same time, telling me advice and preventing me from doing something stupid.

She was my knight in shining armor when I felt the world betrayed me, and my crying shoulder when I felt I was cheated. She was my bestfriend. I feel so lucky! But I know I wasnt like that to her. I wasn’t there when things goes wrong for her. I can’t t even cancel my agendas when she needed someone to pick her up. I wasn’t even as helpful as she is.

But instead of being grateful, I felt restrained, confused and indecisive everytime she decides for me. So, I stop telling her how my day was, just like before; the couple of dates I had after I survived my rockbottom, the roses I got and the survival moves I have to do on my new job. I stop telling her the things I thought she would hinder.

I feel bad. Awful.

I wanted to enter a new life where I still want her to be part of. But I think it’s too late when I hit the send button.

Love turned to hate.

It didnt turned well. We keep on sending hate messages. I want to be understood. She wanted to be heard.

There are so many buried resentments that came out, long overdue to fix.

In short, we broke up. The friendship has fallen.

We both have regrets, disappointments, we have hate and we are both want to be right.


I wish it ended well.

I wish she just accepted my apologies and moved forward.

I wished I could write our ending just like any of my blogs.

But, God has his own reasons and timing which I still hold onto.

And I don’t want to live life with hate and regrets anymore.

If a friend didn’t let me go, I will never learn to stood up with my decisions. To speak up what i want. To love myself enough. To decide for myself and jump into my crazy ideas.

If I didn’t let her go, she would always stay by my side. She will never experience winter and fall. She will never let go of the bad memories and leave it all behind.

I am looking forward for your happiness, T!
I am so proud of you.

And for you who’s reading this, Take care of your relationships.
Figure out who is real. Who truly loves you. And I hope you don’t need to lose one to be a better one.

God Bless your relationships!


Guard Your Heart

You know the fact that not all the time you win.


Guard your heart

Let’s put it this way.

You wanted to be loved. You wanted the world to give you back the love you’ve been giving away. You wanted to be inspired, to be motivated, to feel your worth by receiving the love that you are willing to share.

But you also know the fact that not all the time you win.

Not all the time you receive the kindness you throw to the world.

It’s okay.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Let me tell you this, Guard your heart.

Guard your heart by knowing that when you love, you don’t have to ask love to come back to you.

It should be unconditional. It should start from yourself. You have to love yourself first before asking it back.

Guard your heart by learning how to cope up on disappointments and failed expectations.

Learn to accept what you can’t control; the heartbreaks, the rejections, the Letting-go-phase. It’s part of who you will become.

Guard your heart by simply believing that no matter what, God is going to give you something in return maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday.

Guard your heart by living in the fact that the greatest blessing that you can ever have is a good heart and a good soul; Receiving it in return is just a bonus from heaven.

My Dear, I know how hard it is to take a leap of faith when it comes to Love.

This is a test of courage, perseverance, understanding and a test of your ALL. But I hope you don’t give up. I hope as you age, you become wiser but still humble, you become selfless but with limits, you become cautious but willing to go out to your comfort zone.

I hope as you age you know that His will is better than yours.

Have faith that somewhere in this planet, God is healing someone for you.

God is processing His great soldier for you.

God is willing to give your heart a chance to love again.

You have to surrender everything to Him.

All you have to do is to Guard your heart.


God Bless!


*photos credists to the owner. took it from google.

This, too, Shall pass

I know how it feels to get lost.



I know how hard it is.

To be at the end of the rope, pulling all things together; it seems that no matter how much you pull from the other side it becomes useless if you don’t have someone to pull the other.

To be in between of starting line and finish line in a race track; where you don’t know where else to go.

To be at the start of your speech but something came up and you lose all the things you’ve been practicing a week before your talk.

I know how it feels to get lost.

Because I’ve been there. I’ve been in that place where all you can hear is your cry and your prayer.

When I and *insert whatever name you want* broke up, I must admit that it was one of the most painful thing that happened in my life. I’ve shared it several times but each time someone asks me how I was able to get over it, the pain keeps on coming back.

But you know what, I’ve realized that the struggle was a blessing in disguise!

I can’t be somebody right now without my rock bottom.

I will not be able to inspire people to move forward with their lives if I don’t experience it myself.

I will not be able to pray over those people who wished they never loved.

I will not be able to coffee-date people and get a chance to know them if I am still stuck with my own grief.

I will not be able to face my fears and start making my dreams possible if I never had a failed relationship.

My story is, maybe, your story too!

And people who’s going through it right now needed great storytellers, great confessors, great sinners-turned-saints and great imperfect people to make them realize that they are still beautiful.

They are beautiful even if they don’t know where else to run to.

They are beautiful even if they don’t know if they will be able to get over someone.

They are beautiful even if their hearts are ripped apart.

They are beautiful even if they don’t know if they can be able to help themselves and others.

They are beautiful despite of and in spite of.

*inhale and Exhales deeply*

My Love, I don’t know how long your agony will last.

I don’t know how long you will be in that hopeless place you are putting yourself into.

You may be showing the world a lot of fake smiles because you are trying to survive but believe me, God is with you.

Marami ka ring itatawang totoo when the right time comes.

You may feel alone right now and you wanted to cry your hearts out but trust that this, too, shall pass.

There are a lot of people around who’s suffering in different areas of their lives and they needed your breakthrough in order for them to survive too!

Once you get up, once you decide to move on, once you start your TODAY, once you take the challenge to let go and let GOD, I want you to write and speak as many times as you can in order to help those people who is also having the same trials that you are facing.

Believe that God has great plans for you.

You just have to START somewhere. You just have to DIVE. You just have to FLY.

How can you that?

Love yourself.

Have Faith.



PS. I am willing to pray for you. Just send me your message and I love to listen to you.

God Bless!


One Thing I know for sure

This is where I started asking myself if writing is really for me. Believe me there are still times that I doubt about myself. But as long as you guys keep on supporting me, I will do my best to bring God’s messages to you thru my experiences.

I can no longer remember if that was two years ago when I written my first ever inspirational essay after my heart break. My friends told me that it was worth-a-share so I had the courage to send a copy to Ms. Rissa Singsong-Kapweng, editor-in-Chief of Kerygma Magazine, Author of Confessions of an Impatient Bride, Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen and many books that empowers woman. Luckily, She emailed me back and asked me if I she can send it to other single women that is subscribed to her One True Love newsletter.
This is where I started asking myself if writing is really for me. Believe me there are still times that I doubt about myself. But as long as you guys keep on supporting me, I will do my best to bring God’s messages to you thru my experiences.
I am no public figure but I am God’s instrument to prove to you HE LOVES YOU.
Happy Reading! 🙂

One Thing I know for Sure


How are you?

How are you after the storm? After the Earthquake? After the biggest drama of your life?

I hope you are okay. I hope you are coping. I hope you found the answers of your WHY-s and How Come-s

I may not know your hurt. I may not know your struggle. But one thing I know,

God did not bring you this far to abandon you.

He does not abandon the Child he brought to this Earth.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Trust that God is with you all this time. He is doing a big renovation in your life right now.

When I learned that the person I considered the love of my life cheated and broke up with me, I felt I was drowning in the middle of an ocean that is too deep for me to swim. I also felt I was stabbed in the back a hundred times that I can no longer fight back. Honestly I questioned God’s plan for me.

“I thought HE’S THE ONE Lord, I thought He’s the answered
prayer? Why? What happened?”

I struggled every day during that storm. It was never easy. But God does not want me to see this in a negative way. He gave me miracles, Miracles that I was too blind to see at first.

He got my boys back; He got my best brothers from another planet to reach out to me. They shared their stories, they shared their faith, they shared how I was beautifully made and that I can overcome this trial.

He also got my girlfriends back. I used to live my life believing I will never get comfortable hanging out with a bunch of girls. I thought I don’t have that capacity to be patient and to be understanding with the daily drama in a woman’s world. I felt the only tolerable drama that I can handle is my own. But God made it possible and I am now blessed to have more than 1 group of girl friends who are more than what I LABELED THEM; Drama Queens. I am proud to say that this ladies are truly a gem.

He also strengthened my relationship to my family. When I broke the news that my ex-boyfriend left me and He has found someone new, I felt ashamed. I felt they will not understand my pain but God is a God of love. My family is with me every step of the moving on stage. We are stronger than ever. We have doubled our dates, our worship with God as a family and we doubled our faith in each other that we will overcome every problem each has as ONE TEAM.
God also helped me focused on my goals, dreams and plans. I used to label myself as “JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE”, that I can do anything but cannot perfect even one; That I don’t have any specialty. I used to drill in my head that I will never find what I really want to do with my life. But God has that perfect timing to open the doors for me, Now I am back to the Hospital Setting. I am a proud to say that now I know how it feels it like to be a REAL REGISTERED NURSE.

Photo with Sis Rissa Kapweng

And of course, The best part of this story is my FAITH. God draw me closer to HIM. He filled my feeling of “emptiness” into overflowing love, abundance and grace. He gave me hope to see the WORLD in a positive way, He is now my source of strength and love. Now every time I wake up I look forward to live positively; I look forward in returning the favor to him by doing good to others.



Now I know how it feels like to love someone who will never  let go of you. Who will never leave your side. Who will give you tests not to harm you but to make you grow in the most beautiful way.


Find God. Find that inner Peace.

“ Never enter the relationship looking for the LOVE that only God himself can give to you. “

– Jason Evert


I hope I inspired you. I am praying that you too will find GOD in your life.
Love God. Then Love Yourself. Everything else will follow.
Remember, I may not fully understand how hard your circumstances are, But one thing I know for sure, HE IS NOT ABANDONING YOU. Find him and you’ll find the ANSWER.
God Bless!

*Photo searched over google. Second photo from Ree Bringuelo

Maybe you are keeping too much

Are there things that are bothering you right now? Is that really important? What do you really need? Is He calling you to dispose?


I must confess, I love keeping things and store them anywhere in my room.

My love language is gift, so I need to have a space on my room where I could stuff all the things I have bought or received.

Just to get all the things organized, I asked my mama to hire a carpenter and build a large cabinet attached to the wall. It’s big and has dividers on it but still my things are too many!

One day, I noticed that my room is starting to get tight, as I observed, the cabinets are full and I have two tables with things on it too!

Papers, cameras, laptop, Pencil Case, bags, paper bags, A pack of Cheetos (haha) notebooks, hair clips, wallets ( wow! Haha ), tissues, bracelets, shirts and a lot of things!

Now let me ask you, do you also have things scattered inside your room? Do you feel you needed to make a major clean up drive and get a community to help you get rid of those stuffs?

Sometimes God knocks in our hearts without us noticing it. He uses different strategies to make us realize what we should start doing now


Well, for me, it worked. These are the things I realized while looking at those things:



Not all the things I own is what I need.

Most of us our sentimental value-freaks, I mean, like the old generations, we hoard things like an old-5-peso-coin, a movie ticket from a first date, a wrapper of candy from a crush, or even an old “empty” bottle of a favorite perfume.

We are so attached on these things that we feel we can use it after 10 decades.
We keep things to remind us what we used to have but in fact, these things are taking too much space in our hearts that we find so hard to let go.

Parang feelings.

Not all the things that you keep can be used in another lifetime. It’s time to categorize which one will you be needing the most.

Which one will make you grow as a person?

Are there things that are bothering you right now? Is that really important? What do you really need?


It’s time to open those things that I kept ages ago.

Do you sing in the shower room?
Attend Zumba?
Do you write quotes and Hugot lines?
Are there still things you don’t know about yourself yet?
Maybe it’s time to follow your heart’s desire!
It’s time to know who you really are by trying out different things that used to interest you before, but you lack courage to do it.

Be open to God’s blessings, My Dear!

Change is coming remember?


There are things that I need to dispose.

Still stuck on a job that doesn’t make you happy?
Still stuck on a relationship that you know in your heart will no longer work because he’s not fighting for the two of you anymore?
Still stuck on your faith to God that you don’t want to believe in Him anymore because you feel you are not worthy?

It’s time to let go of the old feelings of anger and guilt! It’s time to move forward, to refresh, to start brand new by disposing all the grudges in your heart.

You have to be disciplined in doing this because it will take time.

Pain won’t go away A-S-A-P. ( As soon as possible)

Because Pain teaches you to survive, to keep going and grow beautifully.

Pain is what will make you realize that nothing can ever defeat you because your God made you stronger than ever.

Dispose my dear.


There are things that I should start giving away so other people may benefit from it – except for the laptop, camera and a Pack of Cheetos. Haha just kidding!

You are skillful.
You are intelligent.
You are talented.
And most of all you can lead.
What makes you different from others?

I think it’s the heart to teach people, to share your experiences, to motivate and to inspire. Follow then Lead my dear. Start giving away your heart to the people who needs it.

Show them how He made you!

God is love, So are you! 🙂

So now, let me ask you, How about you?

Do you have things in your life that you need to start using? Recycling? Or maybe you should start throwing away?

Do you have things in your life that you should let go and let God dispose it for you?

My friend, maybe its time to think what really matters to you. What’s really valuable?

What will matter to you after 10-20 years?

Maybe God is calling you to learn where you should invest more.

Surrender everything to him my dear!

Maybe it’s time to move forward without excess baggage.
Maybe its time to clean up your mess and change for the better.
Maybe you just need an empty space to start something better.
Have the best clean up drive ever!

God Bless You!


*photos by Ree Bringuelo and Thanks to Google for my featured image! cto

So what if you’re still Single?

Giving you 8 Things I learned as a Single Woman. Happy Reading!


So what if you’re Single?

So what if you haven’t found the one?

Most of us think that our civil status in life determines how happy we are; worst part is, some people thinks, this determines how successful we are.

We get too much attached to the world that we think the way other people think.

We let the world impose to us the status we should have.

My beloved, So what if you’re single?

You, alone, can determine how happy you are right now.

Embrace the time of waiting.

Embrace the time of being alone and being able to decide on your own.

I’ve been single for almost 2 years now, and believe it or not there are still times that I worry that I will no longer find my OTL (One True Love). Let’s face it I’m 25 years Old, If I get married next year and give birth to a wonderful baby girl, I’ll be 44 years Old on her 18th birthday. Maybe I’m on 60s when she decides to get married too. I don’t want to walk with her in the aisle with wrinkles on my face and large eye glasses. So yes, I still worry even people thinks I am still young to get frustrated.

But what can I do? If God gave me this kind of status then maybe He has bigger plans for me. Maybe He needs me to do something else than holding someone’s hand while picking what movie to watch. Maybe He is preparing me for something bigger like a good career or building a charity one day. Yes, I dream to have one someday.

So to you, who’s reading my blog posts, trying to look for answers why enjoy being single; To you who are trying to fit in the world of single blessedness; To you who are trying to motivate yourself to wait until you find the one, this message is really for you.

I cannot give you answers right now why, but believe the one above has good plans for you.

You are the only person who will know the why-s.

You have to believe. You have to entrust and surrender yourself.

Maybe, the reason why I am single right now is because He wants me to inspire people like you to enjoy this season of your life.

He let me experience how to go to places all by myself without asking a boyfriend to drive for me.

He let me experience not to spend too much money on prepaid loads and instead spend on books and make ups and seminars for myself.

He let me experience coffee and random dates to people who shouts nothing but praises to God.

He let me experience how to fix my own schedules not only for parties but for different catholic gatherings where I will learn to know HIM more.

He let me see the things that people in relationships don’t see when they are in love and let me talk to these people until they figure things out.

I am not perfect but my God is.

So if by chance I touched your life, then maybe I have the right to say that being Single is one of the best time of my life.


Here’s the thing, I will give you 8 things I learn as a Single Woman on her 25, it’s up to you if you will agree. It’s up to you if you will motivate yourself to do such things. And also, It’s up to you what you will think after.

  1. I learn to discipline myself.


When you are on your 20s and you still get money from your parents. You have to start thinking that you cannot ask money forever.

Start to budget.

It’s okay if you’re not ready to invest on things like stock market. (Though I suggest starting early). It’s okay because I know it takes a lot of courage and trust to do that.

You have to discipline yourself by starting to save and then ask yourself why you are saving.

Now if you’re like me who works for a living, you have to think wiser than before. You don’t want to be an employee forever, right? You want to start thinking about your future self and family when you are caught in an emergency; when you need to shell out some money.

You have to discipline yourself by spoiling yourself on what you need rather than wants.


Who does not want to have a sexy body like Arci Munoz? Jessie Mendiola? Local artists.

For sure, once in your life, you STALKED their feeds to know how they work out. It’s time for you to do healthy living my friend. Discipline yourself even for a 10-15 or 20? Or 30 minutes every day. Jog? Run? Sit Ups? Yoga? or Maybe Zumba.

  1. I learn to invest on myself.

Seminars and Training.

You have to enrich your mind in different ways. Yes seminars and training are quite expensive. Most especially, if you’re earning enough to fund yourself or support your family.

But you can always filter out which one will suits you best.

Are you a frustrated makeup artist?

Do you want to build a business in the future?

Do you want to get healed and bless others?

Do you want to want to know which way to go in terms of your career?

There are a lot of programs for you that can help you be the better version of yourself.

You have to shell out from time to time, yes. But you will thank these speakers and mentors for sure after you learn.

Be wise my friend. Invest in your learning.

  1. I learn to try new things.


Sky Diving?

Adventure Trips?

Church Ministries?

Name all the things you want to join now in order to know yourself more.

Don’t be afraid to take the challenge and go with the things you haven’t tried before.

Again, this is the best time of your life.

You got to decide how you want to spend your life without asking anybody if they agree or not (except for some who still needs approval from their parents.)

Find a new hobby and Go out. How will you know what you can and you cannot do if you’ll stay in your room and worry that you are alone?

Figure it out, honey.

  1. I learn to forget what the world thinks.

C’mon. For sure there are people who keep on asking you if you have a boyfriend or if you’re getting married.

Don’t get pressured on what people thinks.

Be pressured on what you think is better for your life.

Your civil status doesn’t determine your successes in life, remember?

Forget what the world thinks and improve what you think about yourself.

Do the things that will sustain you even if you don’t have someone with you.

You are on your own FOR NOW. So might as well live gracefully and GORGEOUSLY.

For sure some people who are in relationships, envy some single woman and man too.

Single people can do what they want to do without thinking if some people will agree.

Don’t let what other people thinks ruin how you will enjoy your life.

  1. I learn to think outside the box.

This is the best time to be smart about life.

Since you are learning from different people and experiences, this is the best time to broaden your understanding about life.

When is the best time to think about yourself? To think about others?

When is the best time to be more patient? More understanding?

When is the best time to use your head? To do the impossible? To make your dreams come true?

This is the best time to answer all your What, Where, When, Why and How-s.

  1. I learn to love myself more.

You have no choice my dear but to love yourself.

You are on your own now, Sweetie.

It’s a must to do sacrifices for your own good.

You have to think about yourself more often.

You have to learn how to embrace the things that are happening in your life.

You have to know yourself more so when the right person comes you are ready. You are whole.

No one deserves a person who has a lot of extra baggage in their life, right? Your future partner deserves the better you.

  1. I learn to be positive.

You have no one to cheer you up when you are sad and lonely but yourself.

You have no one to talk to when everyone’s busy in their work, relationships or whatever they are going through.

You have no one but yourself to cheer you up my dear. So it’s much better to put a little positivity in your heart.

Be the best person you want for yourself.

Learn to be positive and to boost yourself to do the impossible.

He, who made you, wants you to know that you can change the world if you learn to be optimistic. Be the best cheer leader for others especially to yourself.


8. I learn to be happy on my own.

What can the world offer that I already offered myself?

I didn’t put up this blog post to change your status okay?

I didn’t put up this post to remind you to be selfish and think only about yourself.

I put this up to remind you that it’s okay to be single.

That it’s okay to give yourself something better.

That it’s okay to worry because I, too, worry even If I give advice to all the single people I meet.

I am helping you to be happy on your own.

To be contented and not to be bitter.

God subtracts in your life so He can add more into your life.

He did not anoint you because you had problems from your past, but He anoints you to be prepared for anything this world will throw to you.

Might as well live gracefully right?

I only want to inspire you the way I want to inspire myself.

This is the best time of our life Single Ladies.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t get frustrated.

Change the way you see yourself right now.

You have a purpose only you and your God can understand.

Listen to him.

God Bless!


*Photos by Laine Marie Bringuelo