DISCIPLESHIP GOALS: How to disciple in 4 easy Steps!

You cannot help grow our local church if you are not willing to jump, to fly, to dive and to do the impossible



If you have want to do something your heart is telling you to do, no matter how far it is, no matter how hassle, no matter how hard, you are willing to go after it right?

That’s what I did last Saturday, September 10, 2016. Straight from night shift, I attended a discipleship seminar in our local church. I wanted to serve God more and I can only do this if I commit myself into it.

So let me just share to you 4 things I learned from discipleship seminar, not only from the talk but from the people I talked to:

  1. You have to be Okay with yourself first.

You have to be Okay that you are imperfect. You have to be Okay that you don’t have to be great in an instant. It’s okay if they don’t know your name, yet. It’s okay even if you are still hurt, you are still broken, the mere fact that you feel God has a special calling for you then who cares how vulnerable you are to start something small? Something big?

My friend, You have to find in your heart that it’s okay to make your small steps. God doesn’t look at your mistakes! The world may judge you but isn’t it what you think about yourself is much important? You are the one who’s paying your bills and not them, right?

You have to be Okay that you are not perfect but your God is.

Maybe you feel you are not good enough to draw people closer to God because you are a sinner, but when God push you to try, to take a leap of faith and to go then He’s now in control not you.

Trust my dear. Accept your flaws because some people will love you for that.

Your flaws might even give them reason to be discipled.

  1. Jump

I saw a video of Steve Harvey on facebook and He inspired me to jump.

Not the jumping off the cliff and just die haha.

But to jump to your dreams to make it happen.

Just like in the discipleship, you cannot invite people if you don’t jump to your courage zone. You cannot bless them if you don’t jump to share the blessings you have right now. You cannot help grow our local church if you are not willing to jump, to fly, to dive and to do the impossible if you keep your mouth shut and sit at the end corner of your church.

Look at the beautiful people serving the Lord, they jumped to the unknown because they stuck to God’s promise to them that they will never be alone in the journey

How about you? What is God’s promise to you that would make you jump?

I dare you to ASK God now.

  1. Love

What is work without love? What is relationship without love? What is the world without love?

Whatever you do, you do it out of love. You do it because you are born out of love.

People will drag you down, people will disappoint you, circumstances will make you sick, challenges will make you feel exhausted, struggles will make you give up but when you do all of this, with love in yourself, in the people around you, and for God, then you can survive.

If you let people heal you through prayers, If you engage yourself to people who’s willing to change for the better, If you try different ministries until you find where your heart belongs then who knows? You might find the right people God has put in your life-table after all.

In inviting people, you have to be filled with love that is willing to extend its arms. It’s never easy but try to love. You have to love your ministry, your church and your family.

You have to give it a try to just love.

  1. Surrender

You did everything but nothing seems to be working.

You are tired already. You felt drained after serving. For servants, you feel we are not growing in numbers especially our active members. Slowly you feel you are not good enough.

Now, let me tell you one thing you forget after all the good things you do for God. He wants you to surrender it all to him. This is a team right? God is included in the team. He wants you to surrender all your frustrations, all your worries, your burdens, your doubts and everything.

When all else fails, surrender.


Lift your prayers. Lift your good intentions for the people who you are willing to disciple. God has a perfect time for everything.

My dear friends, God is inviting us to make disciples, He is not asking us HOW MANY, He doesn’t mind! All he wants is your sincerity to do the work he has given you, he has planted in you and he dreamed for you. Don’t mind the numbers, quality over quantity.

Trust God.

Trust that He called you for a reason.

Trust that no matter what you do HE IS PROUD OF YOU.

God Bless!