You give because you know He deserves it.

Your tithe matters.
Your tithe is a test how much you are willing to take the risk; to take the leap of faith.



I was about to leave work when one of my good friends gave me a simple gift. What do you do when you receive a gift? The normal response was thanking that person, right? So I did. But the next thing she did almost made me cry, She gave me an envelope with a name on it, “Feast Sta. Lucia”. I was shocked. I wanted to shout “Thank You, Lord” but I can’t because it will catch so much attention since we are still in the workplace. She said “Para makatulong” .

To be honest, I was really waiting for Saturday because I wasn’t able to give my tithe last week. My conscience is bothering me and I couldn’t wait to thank the Lord for the outpouring blessings that He keeps on giving me.

“You are an answered prayer” That’s what I said to her out of excitement and gratefulness.

She even added “Para marami pang mabless ang Feast. Salamat Sayo”
Then I told her “Thank You kay Lord!”

My Friends, are there instances that you do good to others but you feel it is not appreciated?
Are there instances where you keep on giving but you don’t get anything in return?
You feel that even when you don’t tithe, God will still bless you anyway?

God will still bless you anyway.

But the real question is, How much are you blessing your brothers and sisters?

What are you willing to do to show HIM how grateful you are?

Your tithe matters.

Your tithe is a test how much you are willing to take the risk; to take the leap of faith.


You entrust that he will ALWAYS PROVIDE.

The one who gave me that envelope actually spoils me with gifts every time we see each other. Hindi ko na nga po mababalik lahat, I told her. But she keeps on doing it anyway because she believes I deserve it.
Because she thinks that in her own little ways she can be able to show her gratitude towards me.

How about you? What can you do that you think God deserves?

How can you be a blessing to his people? to his community? to his church?

I hope today, you pray with good intentions in your heart.

God is waiting for you to give your all because He already gave up his all when he was crucified and died for you.

And believe me HE is willing to do more of that!

God Bless you!