SET: Do it with all your heart


Have you ever quit in your life? Were there instances you get so tired in your job, your relationship, your dreams that you just wanted to take a moment to feel how it is to love what you do again?

Well, here’s my story. My name is Set. People like my name because it’s simple and easy to remember. I work as a barista. I don’t have any complain about my job. It’s as easy as my name, maybe because I felt I was born to give a dose of energy for those who loves coffee. I also felt I have this smile that makes people feel that the world is still a better place. Well, charm doesn’t work all the time but I never gave up. They say I’m good with what I do. I am not a pro in everything at the coffee shop but I’m proud with everything I brew.

Just like what I told you awhile ago, charm doesn’t work all the time just like luck. I meet people who doesn’t like my coffee, people who’s not a fan on how many minutes I make their cup. Some people I fail when I try to smile at them when all they had was a rough day. There were instances too that I accidentally threw the hot chocolate or cold frappes on their table.. Worst on their dress. There were times I’m called at the brown-door-white-room to see my supervisor for the wrong judgements of my customers.

So one day, i went out to search for my soul. To find meaning in what I do. Well, God didn’t failed me because I realized that I can do much more. I can write. I can inspire people. I can lit someone’s life by writing a book. I felt motivated until one day I felt drained. How? I felt drained because of the imaginary person people expected me to be. The one who makes good coffees. The one who inspires them, the one who see the world as sunny and gloomy. I got pretty inspired with my story too but there came to a point that I forget to pause in between.

Now, I’m losing my shine. I’m losing it because I always think that I can save the world while saving mine. I only think about making good coffee to sustain my physical needs. I only write to make others feel blessed and hopeful. I forgot to do everything for myself anymore. I forgot how to be I am again.

So, to those who feel that their losing their shine I feel you.
To those who pray for better days, i am one with you.
To those who wanted to feel alive again before they put all the pieces all together, it’s okay I’m also doing it.

It’s okay even people don’t understand why you wanted to have a pause in your life and give up a little.

But I hope you don’t lose that little hope in you that your time will come and you’ll bring out that shine again.

Ree Bringuelo


2 thoughts on “SET: Do it with all your heart

  1. I know that feeling of losing yourself. Remember the things that make you happy and bring you peace. Being in nature, pondering, and writing poetry help bring me back to my core and doing other simple things like taking a long bath with a face-mask and a positive, inspiring book bring back the sparkle in my eyes. Your writing really is inspiring!

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