To the Future Nurses


Dear Future Nurses,

Welcome to the real world!

Finally, You are now a registered nurse!

Either you didn’t expect to pass the exams or you are aiming to be on top, whatever it is, Congratulations!

Finally, the one you’ve been trying so hard to pass has come to an end.

You just got you license!

Now, here’s the next step, applying to hospitals.

Trying to figure out what area do you really want to be exposed to; thinking “Am I really ready for this?”

Let’s say, one day, you got a call, now you can work as a staff nurse.

So, you worked hard, trying to earn points, not just skills but knowledge and wisdom.

You encountered challenges, difficulties, you realized it is a different world out there.

It is not just the work that is making the job harder, but also the people around you, your supervisors, your colleagues, doctors, workers from other department, and most especially the patients.

You are almost losing you patience.

You wanted to ask “Where is justice?”

After all those years of trying to be good at school, studying hard, you’ll think why respect is not something people learn from school? Why do people are rude? Why do I always have to be the one who understands? Why should rules always have to deal with other people, where is my right?

Then, people starts to mock what you do, and stress will build up you’ll start feeling that everything is personal. You will feel physically and emotionally drained. Here comes doubts, regrets and you’ll go back to the first question raised on this writing, “ Am I really ready for this?”

Even your salary won’t suffice the tension in your heart.

I get it because I’ve been working in a hospital for 2 years now and the job demands a full charge of patience.

I didn’t write this down to frighten you about how your first job will look like but actually to encourage you.

Encourage you to keep calm.

Encourage you to discover more about your passion, your job and yourself.

Encourage you to go on and experience how it actually feels to have empathy, compassion, kindness, respect and most especially, how to love.

Nursing is not all about money.

This job takes a lot of guts, courage and it takes a lot from you – time, social life, every part of you.

Another question is, how much are you will to give?

I’m not going to put fear in your heart because the letter actually starts here:


Dear future life Heroes,

Be strong.

Be tough.

Be willing to learn over and over again.

There will be people who’ll challenge what you learned in school, at home or your personal experiences.

People around your job will start to demand. There are ones who’s going to be impatient, rude and some will never thank you after you have given them service.

Some will even question your skills.

Some will not believe in what you say until you explain each drug interactions within their body.

Some will actually verify Google first before you.

Some of your colleagues eill complain with your job and even tell you words that are based on what they see for a spare moment of time.

You have to be ready.

You have to ready yourself on how crazy this nurshing job could be.

You have to make sure that you are really equipped and learn to be humble as God made you to be.

You will never please all the people around you, so better yet, compare yourself from no one but you.

Challenge not others but yourself.

Listen to what they say but filter what you truly need.

Because the only person who will determine your survival is no one but you!

So, better yet, hold on to that one thing that will never betray you.

Your faith.

Your God.

Challenges come and go but never His plans for you!

Enjoy every moment of loving – loving yourself, loving your job, loving the thing you never thought you’ll ever pass!

Wag paka-toxic masyado!

God bless!



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