It’s never been easy, I know.

Today, I asked myself, “What are you doing with your life, Ree?”



Things are not going to be easy

It will never be.

You know why? Because every time you are closest to your victory something strange will happen

It will hinder you,

It will break you,

It will make you move backwards,

It will make you give up,

But also,

It will make you push harder,

It will make you stronger,

It will bend you but not destroy you,

It will challenge you,

It will make you someone you never thought you will become.

“What are you planning for the next days, months or years of your life? You don’t want to be stuck!”

This keeps me worried for days because i don’t have any plans going abroad as a nurse, I want to have my book published, but I don’t know how, I want more speaking engagements but I don’t know when will I ever be given another opportunity.

I feel stuck.

How about you?

What is your story?

The moment you started working in a job and you don’t know what to do next is a way different that enrolling to a school and don’t know what course to take.

Because no matter what you choose there is going to be the “next step”. You study, you make thesis, and you graduate with parents guiding you or friends backing you up.

But when you start working, you have to do the entire decision making; you are on your own now. You have to act like an adult. You have to do something to level up.

And being an adult means a lot of responsibilities.

So to you who is asking God why you failed to get a 90 or an A, to you who wanted to grow fast, to you who want an instant upgrade, to you who wanted to just run away from your house and your parents.

Slow down.

There’s a while different kind of world here. You have to embrace whatever it is you are in. You have to enjoy growing. You have to live life even if you feel like graces are not coming.

I may feel stuck at this point but I know victory will come. My story is there to exist. The purpose of my story might work for you. You may have a different perspective on what’s happening to me. The important is, I got a story to tell. I got words to say.

My voice is His voice.

You are going to figure it out soon, honey.

Wait but work really hard.

Enjoy this season with love and faith!

I am one with you!

Have a blessed week!

God Bless!


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