Perfectly Fit

Sometimes there are vehicles that will just bring you to life’s stopovers



sven-scheuermeier-102292.jpgI ride jeepneys all the time. I prefer to use the public transport than driving to work. Maybe because it’s easier to just sit and care less on the road. You have the moment to think and focus on specific ideas that are running in your mind. Like today, I’m writing this while riding the jeep.

Until one person will sit next to you and will get your attention. You observe how he/she fits on the ample space the vehicle has.

Have you encounter yung sasabihin na 2 pakasya kahit puputok na kayo sa jeep? I bet you had that experience!

People will always try to find where they could fit in. Yung iba sumasabit pa. Some are in a hurry because they’re late for work while some, they just wanted to come home to the people they love.

How about you?

Are there times you try to fit in a small space provided for you out of love – love to come home or love for your job?

Do you adjust even if its hassle and uncomfortable? Even if it’s making you feel that you are just the one giving?

When love hits you, It hits all your system.

You cannot think right, eat right, but you love just right.

But I hope you still consider this:

Not all vehicles will bring you to where you truly belong.

Not all will bring you home.

Sometimes there are vehicles that will just bring you to life’s stopovers

That’s why we should allow the world’s best driver with us.

He’ll bring us home to where we truly needed to be.

I hope you allow God to be that driver.

And I hope next time you sit just perfectly fine.

Yung sulit yung 8 pesos at hindi upong .25 cents lang.

Allow God to happen in your life.

Allow this riding experience to happen to you.

Kapit lang!

Every ride will bring you closer to your best journey ever!




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