You cannot always have it all

You can have atleast something for youself



You cannot always have it all.

You cannot always have whatever you like.

Whether it’s a job that you dream of having, a relationship that you anticipated 5 years ago, a financial wealth that you prepared for years – You can’t have it all

Maybe that’s the reason why there should be challenges, we have to realize that it is always a battle between love and fear.

It is always a question how far will you go?

I can still remember when I was a kid, my mom will use the “dustpan” to eliminate the water that’s getting into our house brought by flood.

That moment I told myself that I will not let it happen again.

I have to strive hard. I have to save. I have to control my money. I have to be sensitive all the time.

I cannot always ask unless it’s urgent.

So when my Dad got promoted from work, little by little we were able to move to a better house. There I trained my mind to ask what I only need.

I deprived myself from what I want.

I thought it was always the right choice.

I was not able to see that I was actually limiting my dad on what he can do and provide for me.

I allowed these thoughts to somehow make me feel I always have to prove myself when my dad was actually proud of me already.

He was working hard because he wanted me to feel I deserve such things – new shoes for school, new laptop for my writing, new clothes for special occasions.

My dear friends, we have this thinking that we cannot have everything we want, so when an opportunity knocks in, we used this as an excuse.

We never wanted to try because we are actually afraid of rejection.

You may not have it all but at least give yourself a chance to try.

Try every chance thereut at least give yourself a chance to try. is – in your dream job, relationships, and financial status.

In whatever you want.

Live a little by taking risk

You can have at least something for yourself.

God Bless!





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