Self Love

It was a good fight

You love.

And it came out in a place where you never thought it could be there.

You went there empty handed and now you are going out with so much.

Something heavy. Something unbearable.

You love.

You tried to risk everything because you see her in any way possible

Her lips.

Her smiles.

Her radiance.

Her beauty.

Her soul.

Everything was just perfect but your question is, “God, why not her?”

You love.

Even if your investment has no return.

Even if you look stupid stalking her

Even if you know the answer will always be a “no”

So, you tried and tried and tried until the only thing left to you was nothing.

You went overboard. You went over things. You over yourself

And now, you forgot the meaning of everything, you forgot that it was all about love.

It should always be love.

Then you decided to run backwards,

To hide

To run

To think

To live

To breath

I hope you don’t forget to love again.

To love yourself more than anything else

So to you, who played so hard in the game of love,

To you who tried your best,

To you who lose everything because you thought it was still love

Hey! You played pretty good.

It was a good fight after all.

All you need is go back to the basics.

To remind yourself of your worth.

There is more to life than loving others and loving her.

That’s to love yourself.

God Bless!



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