What it feels to be blessed at 26

Just like you, I, too, had a best and worst roller coaster ride of my life.




I know I’m too young to count how blessed I am at this age. Because I know most of you will say, you got a long life to live.

Struggles come.

Challenges happen.

Everything is just about to come.

But the question is not how blessed I am at this age, but How do we really define blessed?

If you’re definition of “blessed is that you got the dream job you want, Your salary is almost a hundred thousand every month, You own a successful business and you are traveling in almost 1/2 the archipelago then I am not that blessed.

I am just a tiny part of the dust, circulating around metro manila.

But if your definition of blessed” is that you see even an ant as a grace from heaven, your definition of blessed is that there are people around you who’s been supporting you and building your character up, if your definition is that you always find everything something to be grateful for then maybe I can pass your standards.

Today I am about to board for my 6:15pm flight going to Iloilo. It wasn’t part of my plan to go out-of-town this month but because God thinks I needed a perfect getaway to clear my mind so He got me an instant Ticket.

Blessing, right?

It’s been awhile since I decided to follow Jesus. I started 2 years ago, by actively going to The Feast every sunday. Then I started engaging myself to different gathering for singles who got enormous love and faith.

Everything was a transition.

From there I learned to see everything as a blessing. With no doubts and hesitations, I said Yes TO HIM. Yes to moving forward, Yes to dreams and goals, Yes to making it all happen, Yes to putting up my own charity event, AGAPE, Yes to meeting a lot of people, Yes to LIFE.

And then everything else follows, My Mom and Dad were able to put up apartments, my sister is now driving her own car, my other sister is now the president of AMSA in UST and the other one is now enhancing her talents when it comes to art.

And I keep thanking God every day for blessing us abundantly.

Don’t get me wrong, we also have struggles. My sister needs to change different courses so she can find what suits her best. My other sister has to pay a lot in her tuition fee which makes my dad work even harder. My mom has to run her own travel agency while managing her apartment because a lot of people she trusts, disappointed her already.

We also lost someone close to us at the middle of 2016, my uncle.

Just like you, I, too, had a best and worst rollercoaster ride of my life.

I must deal with success and failures at the same time.

Sabay talaga sila minsan.

So here comes the question again, How do we define blessed? Especially if the world thinks you are not yet matured enough to experience what a 40, 50 or even 60 years old experienced?

Well, I guess, Blessings are blessings if you choose to see them as grace.

If you choose to see them with faith.

Age doesn’t determine how young or old you are for challenges and trials, Age is just a number, right?

But how do you see blessings when you reach 26, 27, 28 or maybe 40? 50? 60 years old?

You got to TRAVEL.

Travel backwards.

You got to remember everything that you have experienced.

You got to see how everything in your life turned you to the person you see in the mirror every day.

Travel backwards, my dear, then say your thanksgiving.

That’s when you move on after.

I wish you the best as you daydream today.

God Bless You!


2 thoughts on “What it feels to be blessed at 26

  1. Blessings are not age dependent. God is good and loves to bless his children. When we count our blessings and are thankful, things go much better. Thankfulness for blessings, help you express gratitude for life.. Every day brings blessings. Abundant blessings to you!


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