How are you holding up?

One of the boldest blog I’ve ever made.


You are not defined by what the world says.

PHOTO FROM A SINGLE’S FELLOWSHIP ” How to be a better Single Woman for 2017″

“ You are not beautiful”

“You are stupid”

“You are a mess”

“You can never make it”

“You are not worthy”

These words hurt you every day. These words are what people put in your mind. The question is, Are you letting them feed your mind?

A lot of people compliment me because I am kind-hearted. I’m easy to be with, I’m lively and I’m positive. People love me because they see a lot of joy in me. Forgive me if you find it not to humbling but that’s the truth! It drives me to be good, to be forgiving, to be joyful, to be someone who has a lot of stored patience in the system of her body that will explode in 5.. 4.. 3..

Okay enough.

But to be honest, it’s not easy!

People always take advantage.

They tease you and bully you because you got a lot of positive energy in your heart. You always forgive them, right?

But what if everything you know about me will fade? What if one day I will not be forgiving, I will not be generous, I will not be who you define me to be?

What if I fail you?

Just last week, I heard some news that other people define me by who I am with. They define me who I share my breakfast with, lunch, dinner and every millisecond they can think of. (Kahit nasa bahay lang naman ako, magisa at nanunuod ng A love to Last)

And that’s painful, because after all the things you’ve done; people will always believe that there is darkness in you.

So, they keep on talking behind your back.

But you know what, God’s overflowing love for me this past 26 years will never make me define myself the way people define me.

I’ve gone through a lot.

I cannot be who other people will want me to be.

I can only be myself.

God is working on me. I am still in the process.

And maybe, if there are people in my life who I want to spend my time with, the question is never WHO.

As long as it inspires me, it motivates me and it’s making me the better version of myself, then Who and Why is never the question.

Today, Let me remind you to be yourself. To love yourself the way you want to love others. The problem with us is we let them steal our joy. We let them dictate to us who we should be.

You are on your 20s.

You are exploring life.

You are unique and no one should ever tell you that you are not AMAZING.

Because you are.

And because there is a God who loves you.

Who will always be at your side.

Through thick or thin.

I am Ree and I am not defined by what people think I am not. But I am defined by the God who made me.

How about you?

Who defines you?

God Bless you!



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