Jump to life with me?

Imagine yourself almost hanging at the end of the cliff. One final step and you’re done.


“ I am at the end of the cliff, how will I go back or Should I jump?”

13970-hiker feet seaside peak_edited.630w.tn.jpgImagine yourself almost hanging at the end of the cliff.  One final step and you’re done.

Is that your life right now?

You are at the edge of your career where you can’t just run away of obligations?

You are at the edge of you relationship where you wanted to let go but you can’t because of guilt?

You are at the edge of your finances where you wanted to run away from all your debts but you can’t because you owe too big?

You are hanging. You’re almost giving up.

I get your point.

I get that you wanted to run back, you don’t want to jump because you are clueless if someone or something is going to catch you.


You are afraid to die.

But are you really going to die?

Or you’re are most risk if you run backwards?

How about the dreams that have a 10% possibility it will come true?

How about the toxic relationships that is killing you emotionally?

How about the finances that if only you’ll pay one step at a time it can be solved.

My friend, I am afraid to jump.

What if my dreams won’t come true? What if I fail? What if my parents will say “ Sabi ko sayo e”.

What if the world will judge me?

What if He’ll find someone better? What if He’s just waiting for a second? Third? Endless chances?

What if He’s going to change?

What if I can’t really pay? What if they won’t trust me anymore?


Hey, What if You’re not actually going to die?

What if your failures are just leading you to something better? What if God’s will is something big and something more and you just have to try?

What if YES, you failed but it will drive you to more opportunities that will unleash more of your potential?

What if Mr. Right is just waiting you to let go of your past?

What if someone better will come along? Someone who’s willing to give you the chance to walk on the aisle?

What if you are to inspire others through your stories? What if you are born to motivate other single ladies to grow better?

What if you’re debt is actually teaching you to save? To budget? To prepare you for your future?

What if you can win in life?

What if you jump and instead of falling, you fly?

You are the ANSWER to all of this.

Make your crazy move sweetheart!

Victory is coming!

God Bless!



*Photos from Google

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