Moving Ahead

You have to decide right now that you are going to think in a positive way.



Ever wonder why problems come at the least you expect it?

You are happy two days before an incident then now you are weeping because of a problem that came.

You wanted to question the heavens why you are experiencing that difficulty.

You’re thinking you are not that bad.

You don’t cheat

Never steal

You don’t kill people

You are thinking, Why?

Well, I don’t have the answer to your question. But I believe God has!

You don’t get it the easy way, not because that’s how He works but that’s how you think it is.

You thought that God causes you problems, that He tests or challenges you to cause you pain, but don’t you think it’s all in your mind?

Because you thought of a punishing God

You actually caused the problem.

You actually thrown yourself into that situation because of a decision you made.

In one of the episodes of The Flash Series, Barry learned that you cannot undo the past, you have to deal with it and if you tried to change one timeline, everything else will change.

Lesson? You have to move forward.

We all boils down to Moving forward.

Kahit hindi issue ng lovelife, Move on padin bes.

And here’s another thought, Your setback is the reason why you are breathing right now.

You survived all these years because you have conquered all the challenges in your life.

My Dear, Your setbacks are the reason why you are standing right now.

You are stronger than before.

You are cautious.

You don’t let anyone pull you down.

You think smarter and wiser twice than before.

You are better today than yesterday.

I hope that you use these trials to drive you to your greater purpose someday.

You have to decide right now that you are going to think in a positive way.

You cannot run away all the time, you can only learn from it.

Hindi ba kapag may pagsubok, napapaalalahan tayong umatras muna and humble ourselves?

God Bless!



Photo by Blue Sto. Domingo

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