Here’s to your Bullies and Bashers

So why does people mock you? Why they only see the negative things about you? Why they kill your dreams and hopes down?



There will always be people who don’t like you.

That’s the sad truth.

But here’s God’s message to you: You are worth dying for.

No matter how broken you are, No matter what your past is, no matter how money you have inside your wallet, no matter how many material things you have, no matter how sinful you are, YOU ARE WORTH DYING FOR.

So why does people mock you? Why they only see the negative things about you? Why they kill your dreams and hopes down?

Why do this people bully someone like you?

Here’s the thing, I don’t know why these people don’t stop.

Maybe because they are also broken and they chose to pass this burden to you: their grief, their hatred or maybe their insecurities.

I am not sure, but what I know is, I know how it feels to get bullied.

I am used to have guy friends around me who always curse and talk negative against each other (especially when they play video games haha). They do “trash talking” and they usually pick a fight with someone they feel superior of. They use words like bobo and t*nga very much.

Not that I am saying that most boys are bully, I also know some girls. (You can always refer to those people who love to talk behind your back)

How do you handle bullies?

How do you handle bullies on your social media accounts?

If you are my friend on my social media account, I secured it with an option “do not allow post on timeline”. It’s not that I am surrounded with people I don’t trust or people that always mock me but you know, for security purposes only, friends that post something they thought hilarious but unknowingly, it’s offensive to you or to your family.

So now, how do you handle these “bashers” or BULLIES?

  1. You can’t (If your plan is to remove them everywhere)

I’m sorry to say but not all people can be pleased. They’re everywhere.

“But I’m tired. I don’t want to run away and hide forever”

I know.

But the more you stress yourself out about this matter, the more you get depressed. You have to avoid it. You can delete them on your social media accounts or even used block.

You can also try what I did on my account.

You can also try to “not care”

You can’t doesn’t mean you can never do it the legal way if they are really causing your life miserable. You can’t means we cannot change people. We cannot fix them unless they do something about it.

It’s time to be a grown up now.

Habaan ang pasensya at ipagdasal na lang yan kapatid. (Extend your patience and Pray for them.)

Divert your attention. Focus on things that could make you more productive and positive.

  1. You don’t (If your plan is to take care of it all by yourself)

You don’t handle them by your own.

If they are bothering you too much, to the extent that you get trouble or someone you love, it’s time to share it to someone who can handle it.

You need someone to be there for you, someone you trust or someone superior.

You cannot just delete people out in an instant, someone has to take charge.

Know who to trust.

  1. These people just reminded you that you are loved, so let God take care of them. Pray.

Insecurities and hatred may be the root of it.

Or maybe you did something wrong before and someone is taking vengeance, whatever it is, surrender it to God.

Surrender it to someone you know that can change a person’s heart.

These people wanted to take away something from you, maybe your confidence, your happiness or simply yourself.

Whatever it is, know that these people won’t bother to give efforts in bashing you if they don’t care too much.

Maybe you have something they don’t have.

My dear, you are loved. Remind yourself that when people are against you, God has his own ways to defend you.

Have faith.

  1. Don’t worry, they keep you grounded.

No matter what they do, what you believe about yourself matters.

These people remind you to be grounded and humble at all times.

Maybe they bash you because they feel you are boastful, so be humble.

Maybe they keep talking behind your back because they feel you are changing in a negative manner, so reflect a little.

Maybe they say negative things about you because they want you to remain as kind as you are and not those people they hate, so try to remind yourself too of who you really are.

These people are God-sent people that will help you grow as a person.

You may not see it now but eventually you will realize that they are the ones who made you stronger, braver and even faithful.

Whatever tip will work on you, I hope one thing will not change: Your faith to the Lord.

Remember that bullies will never succeed if you do not allow them to get in your head. You can surpass this dear, all you have to do is to trust God that everything will makes sense one day.

To be honest, I lost some friends along the way. Not that I find them not helpful in my life or that they “bully” me.

Sometimes, you just have to Let Go and Let God.

Don’t worry about the Bullies or Bashers in your life; sometimes they are just serving their purpose. *wink*

Live a happy Life!

God Bless!


Thanks to google for the photo 😛


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