Are you waiting for the “ONE” who will compliment you?

I felt that no compliment will ever be worthy than one – “ I want you back” from someone who bitterly left you hanging. I was wrong.



“ You are beautiful!”

How many times do you hear these words?

Maybe always or often

Maybe rarely or maybe once in a blue moon?


That’s impossible!

Because I know you have a mom who’s very supportive on you.

A dad who treats you like a princess.

A sibling who’s paying your bills.

A family that praise each other, stays together right?

I was just kidding!

Okay, so let’s be honest here.

When was the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful? That you are precious? Or that you are worthy?

After my boyfriend broke up with me, I promised that I will value myself. I focused on doing the things I missed the most. I started concentrating on how to increase my market value through make up and hair styles on youtube and pinterest.

I thought that if I’ll start to impress people with my physical appearance they will forget the fact that someone walked away in my life.


So I started buying new clothes, updating my make up set, watched tutorials (like what I said earlier) and began updating my social media accounts.

Slowly, I forgot that I was broken inside.

It took me months to enjoy what I am doing until one day, (then the day after, the next day after that day) I started feeling the pain again.

There were instances that I preferred to stay inside my room after a long day of work, of laughter and fun just to do what? Cry.

I felt that no compliment will ever be worthy than one – “ I want you back” from someone who bitterly left you hanging.

Let’s be honest, for those people who are still in the middle of holding back and moving forward, there were times you asked yourself What if he comes back to you?

If you are still in the clouds of insanity, I know you would give up everything for that four magic words.

And that sucks.
That’s an awful answer.
One of the worst answers, I want to delete in my system.

So, I began seeking for other resolutions to help me cope up with the pain.

I can’t be stuck with someone who will never return.
I can’t be stuck with someone who doesn’t see my worth.

In the movie Alice in the Looking Glass, Time said to Alice “ You can’t change the past, You can only learn from it”

I cannot undo what happened.

I moved forward with hopes high that one day someone so good and kind will come up and his compliment will matter.

I engaged myself to the church. I continued seeking myself in dreams I once put away. I asked guidance to different people who is living the best part of their lives.

I looked for the “One” that could make me feel that I am enough.

Until one day, from all the attempts of finding the answer, finding the resolution, finding the “One”, I finally gave up.

I realized that the real beauty is found within.

That the only “THE ONE” that could ever tell me how beautiful and blessed I am is myself.

That If I don’t believe in myself, who else will?

There I decided to start writing, to start dreaming to become a speaker one day, to put up my Operation Positivity, to engage myself on outreach programs, to say yes to mentoring and counseling and to finally choose the direction leading to God.

Beautiful Souls,
The only person who will tell your worth is You.

The only person that could help you out is YOURSELF.

The only person who will ever love you is no one but your pretty self there!

I hope you don’t forget that the one who implanted that wisdom in your mind, in your heart and in your soul is the ONE WHO IS WILLING TO DIE FOR YOU.

You have to believe in yourself and most importantly to the ONE WHO MADE YOU.

Compliment yourself everyday.

Be kind to yourself.

Find your beauty from within.

Celebrate your life!

God Bless!



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