Darling, You can!

Stay at home and be disciplined enough not to be tempted to think too much or take a vacation somewhere out of network zones.



I recently took a-6-day-off of No Facebook, No commitments and No ministry related coffee dates. And believe me, it helped me a lot!

I was able to focus on my work alone. I was able to sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day, got new ideas for my blog and I even had the time to write more!

And as I promised on my Instagram post, I love to share to you tips on how to have a week like this!

You have two options: Stay at home and be disciplined enough not to be tempted to think too much or take a vacation somewhere out of network zones.

But first let me share to you 4 crazy ideas I learned while I was searching for tranquility:

1.You can Rest

A lot of people (Okay, I’m guilty!) People like me, who likes to get things in control, have the tendency to put a lot on their plate. We thought that taking full responsibility means doing almost all the work. We stress ourselves too much until we don’t have the energy anymore to enjoy when it’s done. Whenever we see people who do less work and still get the same success, we start to wonder. I hope you don’t get jealous.

My Dear, Here’s what I learned while I was reading the Book Today is the Day written by Bill Cornelius, People succeed because they allow other people who are skilled enough to do the job for them. They delegate the tasks and all they do is place the plan and figure out which area they can contribute best.  Success doesn’t happen overnight so instead of filling up your schedule you need to know when you need to ask help.

Also, you cannot perform well if you are physically drained. Maybe your will is telling you that you can do more but your body is weak after doing such heavy workload. You need rest like anybody else.

Remember, God even rested on the Seventh day, right?

  1. You can post freely

I’ve been taught that posting in social media account is a responsibility. Whenever you post something out of anger, a person who’s having a good day may get affected; same as posting your emotions when you are sad or depressed.

People nowadays see social media as a way to connect people, but some people overuse this idea and instead of connecting with people, they use this to destroy others.

On my second tip to you, what I mean “You can post freely” is you can post something out of your system once in a while, something hilarious maybe?; something that can brighten someone’s day without hurting them. There can be instances that you could bring out that funny side of yours!

Actually, there are times that I want to post something that is not from a quote from a book or from a movie line, I just want to be me but because you know some people are used to what I post, they get that question marks on their faces whenever I post something crazy about me “ I recently fell down the stairs and I laugh so hard that my ribs cracked and I was rushed to ER” (HAHA just kidding) or Woke up like Solenn Heusaff with a selfie on my instagram account.

I wish I can take back my old twitter account and share to you how loud and imperfect my life is haha! So My Dear, It’s okay to do something crazy like that. It’s your post anyway, no one can take that away from you! You have to lose a little bit of seriousness in yourself. But again, be cautious!

  1. You can cry over a comedy movie

Believe me, I didn’t know why I cried over Mike and Dave movie! Maybe I was touched when Eric surprisingly gave a hot air balloon tickets to her future bride Jeanie (He’s even afraid of heights, My golly!). Then I started smiling and asked myself “Why did I cried over this movie?”

Again, you can cry over any television shows. You just need to, like what I said, crack that seriousness of yours, from time to time.

Find time to watch a movie, with or without company, then bring yourself some snacks and relax on a comfy backseat.

  1. You can do it again.

You can Rest, You can post something out of your system from time to time and You can cry over any movie shows you like. You can do whatever you want. You can even make that dream of yours possible! You just need to find time to recharge that negative energy and restart a new week with a better you.

Well, this blog is not just for you but also a reminder for me to take easy on life.

Have a great V-A-C-A-Y Everyone!

God Bless!



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