The power of PAUSE

You need a break from time to time.

Remember, a healthy person is healthy physically, spiritually and emotionally.



Do you know that are times it’s hard for me put up words and write?

So how do I know when the Holy Spirit is not present and I cannot write?

Well, when I start making pause-s.

I stop after each word

I hang (like a computer and you were on your 89th page of writing your thesis)

When birds are starting to fly on my head and say KROO KROO

When I keep on deleting words instead of typing freely.

That’s when I know that I cannot compose a blog for one specific time.

I guess that’s what happened to me this week.

I realized that I needed help.

I knew I needed a break, a long pause and a stopover.

And I needed to accept the fact that I am exhausted.


Can I share you my story?

I work six times a week.

My work provides service to those who are sick, who are ill, who needs emergency treatment and who’s in between life and death.

I am, yes, Sort-of-a-real-life-hero.

So let’s go back to that 6 times a week obligation to the society. I only have one day off but I preferred to make use of it by serving the Lord at our catholic gathering every Saturday.

Perhaps, you see me taking your photos or giving you the sweetest smiles when we see each other at Sta. Lucia Grand Mall Cinema 5

In short, I actually don’t have a Day Off.

But that’s Okay.

Because I love what I do. I love serving the Lord. I love it whenever I meet new people, I hear their experiences – I love it when I see broken people as I am giving their all to HIM.

But last Saturday, something happened, I was doing my usual routines when I suddenly feel weak.

I am tired.

I am exhausted.

My body is telling me to “Pause”

To stop for a moment.

It’s like something in me wanted to get bff-s with my bed.

After debating with my body, I gave in.

I started cancelling all my agendas for the week.

I gave messages to few of my friends that I will be taking a short break and that I have to disseminate some of my tasks for my upcoming event next month.

I decided to stop checking my Facebook and deleted my social media app on my phone.

I listed all the work I needed to prioritize and the tasks that I couldn’t give up for a week.

I took a break from my ministries – church, work and friends.

Luckily, I was able to survive!

My Dear Friend, this is me telling you that when things get rough, when things are beyond your control, when things are starting to pile up and you feel that it will fell off any time soon, PAUSE.

Start finding your inner peace again.

Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this again?”

A day, a week or even a month off won’t hurt if it’s for the sake of bringing out the best of yourself again.

Your pause is your turning point where you can start looking back and seize every blessing you received these past few days.

Your Pause is your turning point where you can have the time to smile, to laugh, to cry on the things you forgot to pay attention because your busy speeding up.

Your pause is where you can take time to be grateful, to be sorry and to be reminded of who you are.

You need a break from time to time.

Remember, a healthy person is healthy physically, spiritually and emotionally.

If you fail to take good care of one aspect, you’ll become weary and will no longer be able to be productive than the usual.

We need our DAY OFF.

The Lord will understand.

Enjoy the pauses, the waiting game, the temporary stop and the break.

You’ll be amazed on how God will transform your life during your vacation!

God Bless!


*Photos grabbed from google. credits to the owner.



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