Self Love

Don’t fall for me

Don’t fall for me.mcdo-kia

No. Don’t ever try. I am warning you not to try at all.


Because I am still broken. I am still in the process of healing.

Because I don’t want to get caught up in the moment, where, I will have to choose to lose myself again for somebody who promised forever.

No. Don’t ever try to fall.

Because this is me.

I am kind to everyone.

I laugh and cry at whatever you do.

There’s no special treatment. This is me. This is all me.

I don’t have exemptions in people.

Don’t fall for me.

I have my flaws. I am too good not to tell you I can’t run away with you.

I can only give you sweet smiles and encouraging words but, never had the guts to talk to you personally and say how I wanted to be just like this.

Don’t fall for me because I can’t commit.

I can’t commit on anything that doesn’t benefit my heart and soul anymore.

I surrendered it all to God and I am not sure if you actually love Him or just me.

I can’t let you love me.

Because you shouldn’t.

I have expectations as high as the Everest and I get disappointed as low as 4ft under the ground so my dear, don’t. Don’t bother.

I don’t want to get you hurt because I can’t love you back.

I don’t want to get you frustrated because I will always choose to do what’s best for me.

I don’t want to get you disappointed because I am still running after my dreams.

Don’t fall for me my dear because I am still in between of love and fear.

And I don’t choose love all the time.

Let me find myself first.

I hope you find yours too.

I hope you follow your dreams without getting stuck on me.

I hope you chase your passion, you do what you love, you run the game without waiting when will I ever give you a “yes”

Because no.

Don’t ever fall for me.

Fall in love in your with your dreams.

Fall in love with your own heart.

Fall in love with yourself.

Fall in love with your God.

Do yourself a favor and just let go of the things you cannot wait forever.

You have a life to live.

And maybe, maybe, when the time comes, when that perfect time comes, someone will give you the yes you’ve been looking for.

When you are no longer stuck.

When you are no longer the person who waits and stops his world for another person.

When you are on your own ground.

When you are on the peak of your dreams.

When you are already living God’s plans for you.

My dear, you deserve to be happy.

And most of all you deserve all the Love you don’t need to ask.

God Bless!



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