You are still in the Process!

My Dear Friend, I know you have great things in your mind for the people you care for, but have Faith that God has his plans too.



As you look in the eyes of a friend, who do you see?

Is he or she a reflection of your life?

Or do you see a stranger living the life you always wanted?

Sometimes, we tend to compare our lives to other people.

We think that we can change what happened to us by improving the life of others, by influencing them to do what is right, to do what we never did. We have that tendency to control other lives through our eagerness to advice, to tell them how we feel, to tell them stories to change their decisions and to share them our personal experiences to make them realize the consequences before it happens.

We also think that the chance we missed out is an opportunity the other person should take.

We all wanted that second chance.

We all wanted the replay button.

Are you one of these people?

Trapped from the past that’s why you wanted your best friend, your lover or someone close to you be better than who you are right now?

Or maybe you are not trap actually, you just want someone close to you to be living the life you think is “better” for them?; Living the life they actually deserve.

Because you’ve been through a lot, you made mistakes, you lose a lot of opportunities, you have regrets in different areas of your life and all you wanted to do is to make things right.

My Dear Friends, I hope you do all of these out of love and not just because you have regrets.

I hope that in times you fail to change their minds you don’t put yourself down.

I hope you do all things with unconditional love.

I hope you don’t give up and you don’t get tired in loving.

I have a friend for months now and I love that he trusts me. He keeps his promises in trying all the things I wanted him to try because he believes that all I wanted to do is drive him close to his dreams.

One day, I had the opportunity to take him to one of my art classes. Oh by the way He can really paint well. He is good. I introduce him to my teachers and one of them invited him to join the class too! Actually, they wanted him to start next week after seeing his portfolio. What a blessing right? He was also asked to submit one painting and then the team will decide if his painting is good to be displayed in front of the entrance. I believe in his talent so I know He can make it.

He was given one week to prepare. Imagine how excited we are that I announced it among our friends.

On the day of my Art Class, he came early than the call time. He was scared to approach people so He keeps on sending me messages to hurry up. 10 minutes before our class starts, I asked a friend to help him out because I’ll be late.

Just in time before the class starts, I arrived and saw his painting at the small corner of the room.

I still congratulated him, I told him how good he is and that I am proud of him but I know that all of these words won’t sink in because he felt he is not good enough and our teachers couldn’t see his worth.

After that incident He never came back to our class.

My Dear Friend, I know you have great things in your mind for the people you care for, but have Faith that God has his plans too.

Believe in his timing.

Believe that he can take care of it.

Believe that God is working on our lives.

We are all in the process.

God has his own purpose. God has his own reasons.

I guess all I have to do is to surrender it all to him now, All I have to do is to never give up for the dreams that God puts in our hearts.

I know someday my friend will realize that a small defeat is a big victory.

I know someday my friend will see that God is not yet done.

I hope you believe that too!

Let’s continue to love them through our prayers and not giving up on them.

God put them in our lives because He knows we have an important role to play.

God loves you!

God bless!



Disclaimer: Some identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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