Livelife 2016: The “Taking-off-the-Pride” Challenge

Found yourself in the middle of Chaos? Maybe you are forgetting something!

Photo courtesy of Zeti Cuenca

Hello Friends!

Maybe some of you know that I just came home from Livelife Retreat!

Maybe some of you wanted to ask how the experience was, what is my take away? What are my new plans after 2 days of discerning? What did I realize and what are the things God wants me to do after I relaxed in his love for days?

To be honest, I actually wanted to ask that too!

I hope I have all the answers so I can share to you how God talked to me these past few days!

But do you know how God worked for me in this retreat?

He taught me to be HUMBLE.

He taught me the word “HUMILITY”

My Dear, Have you ever felt that the world needs someone like you?

You are skilled enough to do this and that.

You are everybody’s answered prayer because you are smart, you are responsible, you can do anything and most of all, they feel you are anointed and there is nothing you cannot do!

In short, you are superb! You are God!

Wow! Big words right?

You tried to do everything even out of your control because maybe, you wanted to boost your confidence, you wanted to the impossible, you wanted to prove yourself then suddenly all of these good things that are happening in your life are crashing down.

Photo Courtesy of Zeti Cuenca

Are you on that place right now?

“Lord, I am worshipping you but why is my career not increasing?

“ Lord, I pray for other people but why I haven’t found the one?”

Or maybe, You are asking God “ Lord, I serve your people but why do I feel lost?”

My friend, I told you once that I write through my experiences and It was not easy to take of my pride and tell you my struggles. But God spoke to me on the retreat and made me realize that the challenges I am experiencing right now are the challenges that YOU, YOU and you are experiencing too!

He needs someone to tell you that you are not alone by making me feel that too.

That there are times that I am not right and so are you.

That one of the saddest and boldest truth that you have to live is “ You are not THAT important!”

God is.

Maybe God is reminding us to remain humble.

“ For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

Matthew 23:12

My Dear beloved Friends, God wanted us to feel loved, to feel special and to feel that we can make it through but He also wants us to remain just the way He made us. Well, He wanted us to maintain the low profile part while soaring high because He wants us to inspire more people without getting too proud and be eaten by fame.

Photo Courtesy of Zeti Cuenca

Let’s not forget that when in times of trouble, He is God. And for the things that you can no longer control, seek him. Find Him. Follow him.

I pray for those who are still lost, who are still questioning God why, who are still unemotionally stable due to rollercoaster events of his life that we find HUMILITY.

God is a generous giver.

He can give you tons and tons of blessings.

All you have to do is to multiply them thru sharing.

The next time you found yourself in the middle of chaos, call God, call a friend and call a love one. God wants you to accept that there are things that you couldn’t do alone.

Enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the “taking-off-the-pride” game.


Praying for you!

God Bless!


I would like to thank all the people who made Livelife Retreat Possible. Thank You Father Bob McConaghy, Brother Jan Silan, Brother Jay Yogawin and Feast Bay Area Singles Ministry. Thank you too to Father Jason for inspiring me in your homily this Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Livelife 2016: The “Taking-off-the-Pride” Challenge

  1. Hi Ree, Im so happy we met, get to know each other through the retreats we both joined in. Im happy too for this beautiful message to express your thoughts about a recent experience.

    How I wish I can get back to blogging again. And have my thoughts expressed and tell messages God wants to convey through me. Its quite a challenging situation I am now but THEREs ALWAYS HOPE IN GOD. Just HOLD ON TO HIM. And humble yourself.

    Thank you very much for all the things you do even if its just a little way of uplifting us. Just be yourself, be the BEST as you can be. And ENJOY LIFE! Dba sinabi din yun sa mga talks? 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for inspiring me to continue what i am doing! God will always bring you back to where your heart is 🙂 makakabalik ka din sa blogging! 🙂 I’ll pray for you sis!! God Bless you! 🙂


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