God says, “ROCK ON!”

Realize that even if you are out of tune, Even if you wanted to sing it on our own version, even if you don’t know the lyrics and even if you don’t start it well, God appreciates, God is thankful!




You have no idea how we started the Feast Last August 13!

We started it with a worship like no other!

Because we, who serve on the stage, *ahem* are not actually as talented singers like our original music ministry members!

When I arrived at the Feast Sta. Lucia, there were only few people who attended because of the weather condition. A lot of seats were empty, so I sat down on one of the chairs and started reading the bulletin. A friend of mine (for his protection, I will not mention his name haha!) called me and told me to sing, again He TOLD me to sing, He didn’t asked, that’s how desperate He is because the chances of Him singing on stage is 101% If I don’t do this.

After our servants’ prayer, the team started to arrange the music and the lyrics. We are not sure how we can pull this all up but we did!

The last time I checked, the only chance I wanted to take to be on stage is if I am READY to spread his words. To talk about how God is amazing and incredible. That’s it! I couldn’t believe that my little mini concert at the audience seats before will now happen on stage!

“Kaya ko to! alam ko yung kanta” (“I can do this! I know the song)

Imagine me talking to myself while smiling to all the people from the stage. Then the music started playing, the worship leader started speaking, we are about to start when all of a sudden, ” When are we going to start again? “ It was epic! We don’t know where to start! We started laughing and converted our shame to smiles!

“It’s okay!”

I felt we were secretly talking to each other’s mind!

But you know what? I realized that even if we are out of tune, Even if we wanted to sing it on our own version, even if we don’t know the lyrics and even if we don’t start it well God appreciates!

He is sitting in one of those chairs clapping! Doing a rock on sign! Cheering for us like what my friend is doing after He pushed me to replace him on stage. LOL.

My Dear Friend, Are you bothered that when you do something for the Lord you wanted it to be PERFECT?

You want it to be the BEST in an instant?

You don’t want to show yourself at him unless you feel you are now the better version?

Are you afraid that He will reject you? He will refuse to accept you? He will punish you? He will not be happy with what you have done?

My Dear, Always remember that God doesn’t care how bad your situation is right now!
He knows what you are capable of!

And He knows your heart.

He will never judge you.

Instead, He will be with you all through out.

He is proud of you even before you started whatever good plans you have.

Photo courtesy of Feast Sta.Lucia 

So even if we are out of tune.

Even if we didn’t hit the right notes.

Even if we didn’t started it right.

We know in our hearts that God is Thankful!

Friend, Believe that God is OKAY with you trying!

You are always welcome to worship him, to welcome him, to serve him.


And by the way, we ended up with with grateful attendees smiling as they go! The attendees are more than we expected.

God works.

God Bless!


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