Tell your problems Who’s the Boss!

Never Say Die! 🙂



Recently, I just had one of the biggest challenge of my life. I guess that trial made me examine my conscience and my ability to throw kindness in the world.

Hindi po madaling maging mabait I tell you.

People have the tendency to take advantage on you. People may abuse your goodness or sometimes they think that whatever they do, you can handle it with a simple apology at the end.

As much as I want to detail my experience, I can’t. It’s quite a sensitive matter and It’s related to where I am working right now.

Wait for my resignation then I’ll tell you what.


Anyway, the challenge that happened to me made me exercise my faith.

I can still remember that when I faced my rock bottom, which is my heartbreak scene with Piolo Pascual, (Just Kidding lol), I remembered that I kneeled before the Lord, Praying and begging for him to take away the pain.

Literal parang pelikula.

I was that depressed! So imagine me doing it again, for the second time around that I cried for almost days, praying, hoping and begging for God to save me. That’s how I was affected with my current problem right now.

I came to a point that I lose my drive for work. I feel lost. I started asking myself and my God “ Do they think I am not affected with what’s happening? “ I wanted to get mad, I wanted to hate few people and I wanted to quit.

Too much hatred right?

Well, that’s the reality.

When you are put in a situation that you have a lot of questions in your mind and you have a lot of pain inside of you, it made you somebody you are not. Your ability to think and to feel starts to invade your system that all you wanted to do is to hate; hate yourself, hate people, hate the situation. I hope you don’t reach the point that you also hate God.

I was down for 3 days. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to answer questions related to the incident. I don’t want to cause further harm because I don’t want to let my emotions define me.

Gusto ko na lang mag Day Off.

So if you are going through problems in your job, in your relationships, in your finances or any areas in your life right now, I know how you feel.

I may not know what is exactly your problem, It may be harder than what I am experiencing right now, but believe me, God’s love is greater than your obstacles in life.

You have to trust him more.

Let’s go back to that “I was down” part.

My sadness for 3 days made me hard to get up every morning, It made me emotional, It made me lose my focus while doing my job and It made me not the “positive” person you know.

My Spiritual Family

It was hard; I keep praying every day to God to bless my day so I could survive it. The problem I have right now may not be solved as soon as possible but at least a better day could make me stand all day long.

Until one day, I recalled all the things I did when I first hit my rock bottom so I prayed harder. I messaged my friends to pray for me.

My advice? Message your friends who you think will really pray hard for you! It’s important that you have a spiritual team. Invest on this people right now! Come to a community where you will feel much-loved.


I even asked for priests to pray for me, How? If you have numbers, then it’s easy to dial. If you don’t know any priests, I suggest you hear mass then let God’s words speak to you that day. Listen to the homily, Most of the time when you are in doubt and in trouble, The homily is made for you, without you asking! Then wait for the priest. That’s what I did Last Sunday, August 21, 2016 at Christ the King Parish. I waited for Father Bong Guerrero and asked him to pray for me before I go to work. He also taught me that God gives you trials not to harm you but for you to persevere. It’s time to exercise your faith in him.

A private Message from one of my favorite Priests! 🙂

I also talked to trusted friends. I suggest that you talk to an adult. I had a date with one of my sisters in the church. We had a simple dinner and when she asked me what the biggest challenge in my life is, I feel that God wanted me to just let go of the burden through sharing my experience. There I realized, that when you share your troubles away, it’s easier to carry. I didn’t expect any advice actually, I only want someone to listen to me, but God’s plan is not just like that. He spoke to me through her and you know what she said?

Hello Sis Mia! 🙂 Isn’t she beautiful?


My dear friends, God will never leave you. He will never abandon you.

You are his Son. You are his best creation.

There is nothing that He will do that will make you left hanging.

Yes, there are times that you feel you are lost, you are stuck and you are not in control anymore but believe that his plans are better than yours.

Your battles are His battles too.

He wants you to look beyond the imperfections.

He wants you to exercise your faith from time to time so that you could have wonderful stories of bravery to share to the people around you.

He tests you because He loves you.

And No parent will ever want to raise their kids with just hopes that miracles will come without doing anything, He wanted you to earn it so you know how to improve your techniques and skills every day of your life.

He doesn’t need any of your best acts and best acrobatic styles to impress him. All He needs are your determination, your perseverance and your “Never Say Die” attitude.

The world needs more inspiring stories to hear and see.

God wants you to write your own version now!

Your challenges in life are your greatest stories!

It’s time to tell your problems WHO’S THE BOSS!


PS. If you you’re not open to your family regarding what you are going through, At least tell your dad, or your mom, or one of your siblings! Believe me, there’s no better place than Home. You will feel an instant relief after! 

PS. I got a lot of friends who’s been very supportive to me since Day 1 and As much as I want to pin them all here, I chose to put them in my heart instead and save their messages.

God Bless you!



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