I realized that I cannot do it all!

Not Everyone is going to like you.



I was browsing my Facebook timeline and I saw this wonderful post entitled “NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO LIKE YOU” by Jarrid Wilson. I’ve been following his page for months because most of his posts are inspirational. He is a pastor, an author and an inspirational blogger too!

Anyway, As I was reading his blog I picture myself with the words he dropped on his writing: people pleaser and impressing people.

Would you agree If I tell you that in some point of our lives we became those words too?

We wanted the world to accept us that’s why we keep on telling them things that would make them love us?

Maybe that’s the reason why we have friends right now. They are the output of the things we do or we say about ourselves.

So now that you have lists of friends, How are you?

Are you still living in a the world of proving yourself everyday? Or are you living care free?

Well I have a story to tell, When I was a kid, since most of my siblings are achievers, I programmed myself that I want to excel in a different way, Instead of investing too much On IQ (Intelligence Quotient) I went to learning EQ (Emotional Quotient). I started gaining friends and then friends and then friends and then yes more friends that I started to get drained. How? When I tried to dive in their world, when I solved most of their problems, when I became a friend to everyone else; giving advices, solutions and Excuses!  You know what, I actually gain popularity! But I also experienced a lot of heart breaks and stress.

So when I reached college, I realized that I should also start focusing on myself. That I should learn to say NO from time to time, that I can still be a friend without doing so much and without proving myself all the time. I realized that I can’t do it all!

And also, You should treat yourself better. The act of kindness should come from within. It shouldn’t be something you do to impress people. It should come naturally. If it’s killing you from the inside then there’s something wrong.

Do you also have the same story?

You want the world to accept you so you do the things you do right now even if it is out of your values?

Do you still know who you are?

Do you still know your worth?

My Dear, You are the definition of Blessing!

You are made with so much love from Heaven.

Yes, you are made for a purpose, You are made a Super Hero on Earth!

But you are created to be yourself too!

Don’t think that you are not worthy because you weren’t able to solve a tiny problem for a friend.

God has his own ways.


He always got your Back!

God Bless Everyone!


*Photo by Ree Bringuelo. Featured Image googled.

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