One Thing I know for sure

This is where I started asking myself if writing is really for me. Believe me there are still times that I doubt about myself. But as long as you guys keep on supporting me, I will do my best to bring God’s messages to you thru my experiences.

I can no longer remember if that was two years ago when I written my first ever inspirational essay after my heart break. My friends told me that it was worth-a-share so I had the courage to send a copy to Ms. Rissa Singsong-Kapweng, editor-in-Chief of Kerygma Magazine, Author of Confessions of an Impatient Bride, Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen and many books that empowers woman. Luckily, She emailed me back and asked me if I she can send it to other single women that is subscribed to her One True Love newsletter.
This is where I started asking myself if writing is really for me. Believe me there are still times that I doubt about myself. But as long as you guys keep on supporting me, I will do my best to bring God’s messages to you thru my experiences.
I am no public figure but I am God’s instrument to prove to you HE LOVES YOU.
Happy Reading! 🙂

One Thing I know for Sure


How are you?

How are you after the storm? After the Earthquake? After the biggest drama of your life?

I hope you are okay. I hope you are coping. I hope you found the answers of your WHY-s and How Come-s

I may not know your hurt. I may not know your struggle. But one thing I know,

God did not bring you this far to abandon you.

He does not abandon the Child he brought to this Earth.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Trust that God is with you all this time. He is doing a big renovation in your life right now.

When I learned that the person I considered the love of my life cheated and broke up with me, I felt I was drowning in the middle of an ocean that is too deep for me to swim. I also felt I was stabbed in the back a hundred times that I can no longer fight back. Honestly I questioned God’s plan for me.

“I thought HE’S THE ONE Lord, I thought He’s the answered
prayer? Why? What happened?”

I struggled every day during that storm. It was never easy. But God does not want me to see this in a negative way. He gave me miracles, Miracles that I was too blind to see at first.

He got my boys back; He got my best brothers from another planet to reach out to me. They shared their stories, they shared their faith, they shared how I was beautifully made and that I can overcome this trial.

He also got my girlfriends back. I used to live my life believing I will never get comfortable hanging out with a bunch of girls. I thought I don’t have that capacity to be patient and to be understanding with the daily drama in a woman’s world. I felt the only tolerable drama that I can handle is my own. But God made it possible and I am now blessed to have more than 1 group of girl friends who are more than what I LABELED THEM; Drama Queens. I am proud to say that this ladies are truly a gem.

He also strengthened my relationship to my family. When I broke the news that my ex-boyfriend left me and He has found someone new, I felt ashamed. I felt they will not understand my pain but God is a God of love. My family is with me every step of the moving on stage. We are stronger than ever. We have doubled our dates, our worship with God as a family and we doubled our faith in each other that we will overcome every problem each has as ONE TEAM.
God also helped me focused on my goals, dreams and plans. I used to label myself as “JACK OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE”, that I can do anything but cannot perfect even one; That I don’t have any specialty. I used to drill in my head that I will never find what I really want to do with my life. But God has that perfect timing to open the doors for me, Now I am back to the Hospital Setting. I am a proud to say that now I know how it feels it like to be a REAL REGISTERED NURSE.

Photo with Sis Rissa Kapweng

And of course, The best part of this story is my FAITH. God draw me closer to HIM. He filled my feeling of “emptiness” into overflowing love, abundance and grace. He gave me hope to see the WORLD in a positive way, He is now my source of strength and love. Now every time I wake up I look forward to live positively; I look forward in returning the favor to him by doing good to others.



Now I know how it feels like to love someone who will never  let go of you. Who will never leave your side. Who will give you tests not to harm you but to make you grow in the most beautiful way.


Find God. Find that inner Peace.

“ Never enter the relationship looking for the LOVE that only God himself can give to you. “

– Jason Evert


I hope I inspired you. I am praying that you too will find GOD in your life.
Love God. Then Love Yourself. Everything else will follow.
Remember, I may not fully understand how hard your circumstances are, But one thing I know for sure, HE IS NOT ABANDONING YOU. Find him and you’ll find the ANSWER.
God Bless!

*Photo searched over google. Second photo from Ree Bringuelo

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