Are you afraid to start from SMALL?

Hanggang Chicken at sabon na lang muna ang pride.



When I was still young, I used to dream that I was an actress. I love watching teleseryes and re-enact the scenes inside my bedroom. I feel that I live to become a dramatic actress one day.

Imagine the posters I collected when I was still a kid; posters of Katherine Bernardo and Liza Soberano. (18 Years Old Feels)

Peace Sign haha!

As I was saying, I love to be in front of the camera! If I didn’t pursue nursing, my choice would be a mass communication graduate. I’m so curious about how they end up being good in front and at the back of the camera. How they get their confidence and how they project when in front of the stage or TV.

But my curiosity remained just a curiosity, I have no guts to tell to my parents that I want to have another course, I don’t have the courage to audition on any TV Shows and most especially I don’t believe that I can make it over a thousands of aspirants here in the Philippines.

Imagine how I was awed with the success of the biggest stars of today.

I wished I tried.

How about you? Do you have this ” I WISH? ”

Do you have that dreams that you hoped you give a fight?

What do you think will your life be if you strive for what your heart wants?

Now that I am serving behind the camera at the Feast Sta. Lucia, I still have regrets in terms of my the decisions in the past. I still have that ” I wish that was me “ but I think It’s more harder to live with too much burden from the past.

Maybe God is telling us that if we really want “an araneta-sized dream” (like what Bro. Bo Sanchez said on his talk at PICC) We have to start now.DSC_0305

We have to start small.
We have to be humble.
We have to learn to bend down a little.
We have to surrender.
We have to submit whatever it is in our hearts.
We have to be willing to embrace whatever the consequences are.

Hanggang Chicken at sabon na lang muna ang pride.

God did not bring that dream, that opportunity, that hope, that chance in your life if it’s not directing you to your purpose.

Today, I love to be behind the lens. I love to capture your smiles, your laugh, the way you raise your novena, the way you worship the Lord and the way you just raise your hands up as a sign of praise.

Maybe God is telling us right now to forget the “I WISH” starting today and start doing something that could lead to that BIGGEST BREAK of our lives.

My dream to become an actress may no longer happen, or may happen; I AM NOT REALLY SURE but maybe by starting from where I am right now I can be someone I never thought I would end up to be.

Who knows?

His plans are always greater than our expectations.

Do you want to be an actress too? Start from workshops.

Do you want to be a doctor? Start from focusing on your school.

Do you want to be a writer? Start from writing at least 250 words everyday!

OR Maybe He is calling you to serve?

Do you want to be a worship leader? Start from joining the choir!

Do you want to be a preacher? Start from being part of Small groups!

Do you want to be a builder? Start from building yourself!

You can be anything you want if you start now.

Forget the things you haven’t done or you haven’t tried.

Redefine your dreams.

Redefine your success.

Maybe God wants you to get through this to direct you to something BIG.

God Bless you!


*Photos from Ree Bringuelo. Feast Sta. Lucia Cainta

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