Reality Check: Are you still yourself?

Do you still know your worth?



You are Kind.
You are Smart.
But you keep forgetting your worth.
You are special.
You are skilled.
You are created beautifully.

But you keep on allowing the heart acheĀ eat out the best in you.

You are one-of-a-kind.
You have a good heart.

But you let people manipulate your perceptionĀ about the world.

How did I know this?
Because I used to be like you.

I used to hate myself too.

I used to be the person who I never want to get back to.

I know how it feels to look in front of the mirror and see nothing but wounds from the past.

I know how it feels to wake up 3 am in the morning and have no messages received.
I know how it feels to wait for a call that I know will never come.
I know how it feels to be waiting under the rain waiting for a person who’s willing to overtime from work instead to be with me.
I know how it feels to get drunk just because He said “It’s over”

But despite all these,

I learned how to dress at my best without needing someone’s approval.
I learned how to drive to my favorite theme park without waiting for someone to pick me up.
I learned how to go on random dates with friends without thinking if I have plans tonight.
I learned how it feels to have achievements in my career without someone to thank for but God, myself and my family.
I learned how it feels to laugh so hard without depending my happiness to anyone.

Let go of what you need to Let Go.

You are created in His own likeness and Goodness.

Don’t miss out the opportunities God’s doing in your life just because you allow someone to dictate your definition of happiness.

You are God’s gift to me.

You are God’s present to the world.

Don’t ever forget that.

God Bless You!


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