To all your What If-s

What if you can actually make something happen?





What if you can change the world?

What if you can audition to your favorite game show and win almost 1 million?

What if you can join a singing contest and win a recording album of your own?

What if you can top the class and graduate magna cum laude?

What if you can excel on your job and get promoted to your dream position?

What if you don’t have to marry somebody to feel complete and happy?

What if you decide to end your toxic relationship and find someone much better than your dream guy?

What if you can save more than 1 billion and resign at the age of 40?

What if you learn how to say NO to bullying and give yourself some respect?

What if you can survive your greatest fear and get the courage that you’ve been praying for?

What if you can speak in front of thousands of students and inspire them to make the biggest success of their lives?

What if you can make all your hopes happen and live with no regrets?

What if you can make the impossible possible?

What if you are just scared to try?

What if you realized you’re supposed to make it but you gave up?


What if you realized it’s too late?

I guess this mandatory Selfie brings good luck on my blog posts! Thank You for reading 🙂

What if you let your “What If’s” eat you alive?

What if you found out the only person that is keeping you from making all your dreams come true is yourself?

Don’t live with regrets ANYMORE, my Dear!


Tik Tok Tik Tok.

PS. I love to hear your What Ifs and your resolutions! Feel free to comment it below! 🙂

God Bless!


*Photos by Mhai and Ree Bringuelo

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