Maybe you are keeping too much

Are there things that are bothering you right now? Is that really important? What do you really need? Is He calling you to dispose?



I must confess, I love keeping things and store them anywhere in my room.

My love language is gift, so I need to have a space on my room where I could stuff all the things I have bought or received.

Just to get all the things organized, I asked my mama to hire a carpenter and build a large cabinet attached to the wall. It’s big and has dividers on it but still my things are too many!

One day, I noticed that my room is starting to get tight, as I observed, the cabinets are full and I have two tables with things on it too!

Papers, cameras, laptop, Pencil Case, bags, paper bags, A pack of Cheetos (haha) notebooks, hair clips, wallets ( wow! Haha ), tissues, bracelets, shirts and a lot of things!

Now let me ask you, do you also have things scattered inside your room? Do you feel you needed to make a major clean up drive and get a community to help you get rid of those stuffs?

Sometimes God knocks in our hearts without us noticing it. He uses different strategies to make us realize what we should start doing now


Well, for me, it worked. These are the things I realized while looking at those things:



Not all the things I own is what I need.

Most of us our sentimental value-freaks, I mean, like the old generations, we hoard things like an old-5-peso-coin, a movie ticket from a first date, a wrapper of candy from a crush, or even an old “empty” bottle of a favorite perfume.

We are so attached on these things that we feel we can use it after 10 decades.
We keep things to remind us what we used to have but in fact, these things are taking too much space in our hearts that we find so hard to let go.

Parang feelings.

Not all the things that you keep can be used in another lifetime. It’s time to categorize which one will you be needing the most.

Which one will make you grow as a person?

Are there things that are bothering you right now? Is that really important? What do you really need?


It’s time to open those things that I kept ages ago.

Do you sing in the shower room?
Attend Zumba?
Do you write quotes and Hugot lines?
Are there still things you don’t know about yourself yet?
Maybe it’s time to follow your heart’s desire!
It’s time to know who you really are by trying out different things that used to interest you before, but you lack courage to do it.

Be open to God’s blessings, My Dear!

Change is coming remember?


There are things that I need to dispose.

Still stuck on a job that doesn’t make you happy?
Still stuck on a relationship that you know in your heart will no longer work because he’s not fighting for the two of you anymore?
Still stuck on your faith to God that you don’t want to believe in Him anymore because you feel you are not worthy?

It’s time to let go of the old feelings of anger and guilt! It’s time to move forward, to refresh, to start brand new by disposing all the grudges in your heart.

You have to be disciplined in doing this because it will take time.

Pain won’t go away A-S-A-P. ( As soon as possible)

Because Pain teaches you to survive, to keep going and grow beautifully.

Pain is what will make you realize that nothing can ever defeat you because your God made you stronger than ever.

Dispose my dear.


There are things that I should start giving away so other people may benefit from it – except for the laptop, camera and a Pack of Cheetos. Haha just kidding!

You are skillful.
You are intelligent.
You are talented.
And most of all you can lead.
What makes you different from others?

I think it’s the heart to teach people, to share your experiences, to motivate and to inspire. Follow then Lead my dear. Start giving away your heart to the people who needs it.

Show them how He made you!

God is love, So are you! 🙂

So now, let me ask you, How about you?

Do you have things in your life that you need to start using? Recycling? Or maybe you should start throwing away?

Do you have things in your life that you should let go and let God dispose it for you?

My friend, maybe its time to think what really matters to you. What’s really valuable?

What will matter to you after 10-20 years?

Maybe God is calling you to learn where you should invest more.

Surrender everything to him my dear!

Maybe it’s time to move forward without excess baggage.
Maybe its time to clean up your mess and change for the better.
Maybe you just need an empty space to start something better.
Have the best clean up drive ever!

God Bless You!


*photos by Ree Bringuelo and Thanks to Google for my featured image! cto

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