Do you experience Dreamer’s Block?

Are you procrastinating when it comes to your dreams?



I keep rolling on my bed; trying to figure out what to write.

Have you heard Writer’s block?

I wanted to write so badly but nothing in my brain functions. I got the right words but I cannot compose it.

I feel stuck. I wanted to move forward but it seems impossible.

I wanted to start but I don’t know how to end.

The truth is, we all have those thoughts in our minds that we only place in our heads but never put into actions.

Can I call it Dreamer’s block?

These are the dreams that we have planned a long time ago, or just today, this very minute, but then because we lack the drive, because we feel we cannot make it and that we are not good enough, we just throw it at the back of our minds waiting for a miracle to happen.

Then you forget about it.

Then never put it into action.


Believe me, I can’t imagine that this dream of writing can be possible! I only attended a Retreat in Tagaytay and look where I am right now, you are reading my post and just hit ” like”.

My dear friends, are you afraid that once you look back in your life you’ll realize you wasted so much time and effort on the things that really won’t matter?

Let’s put it into one simple question: Do you have regrets?

Do you think that the dreams you have in your heart when you were little were much better than where you are right now?

Well here’s the catch on our beautiful story called life:

It’s not too late to make your dreams possible. He is calling you right now to make your move.

Get out from your comfort zone! It’s time to wipe those regrets and defeat those fears.

“ What If I failed? ”

Then try until you master the techniques. Go to different seminars. Engage yourself with a lot of people you want to become someday. Enroll yourself to different training that will enhance your skills. Never ever give up until you try every plan from A to GOD.

The Final say is still God’s plan for you.

It’s time to do the uncomfortable. It’s time to stretch that body to be able to reach your goals. It’s time to work hard for the thing that will make you happy in the end.

My friends, your breakthroughs in life may be a challenge for you to move forward.

Don’t be afraid! Those dreams that you put in your mind’s recycle bin may be put into Restore.

God is never wrong when it comes to putting dreams in our hearts.

Find your happiness.

Never ever give up.

Move forward.

Make those dreams come true!

God Bless!


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