So what if you’re still Single?

Giving you 8 Things I learned as a Single Woman. Happy Reading!



So what if you’re Single?

So what if you haven’t found the one?

Most of us think that our civil status in life determines how happy we are; worst part is, some people thinks, this determines how successful we are.

We get too much attached to the world that we think the way other people think.

We let the world impose to us the status we should have.

My beloved, So what if you’re single?

You, alone, can determine how happy you are right now.

Embrace the time of waiting.

Embrace the time of being alone and being able to decide on your own.

I’ve been single for almost 2 years now, and believe it or not there are still times that I worry that I will no longer find my OTL (One True Love). Let’s face it I’m 25 years Old, If I get married next year and give birth to a wonderful baby girl, I’ll be 44 years Old on her 18th birthday. Maybe I’m on 60s when she decides to get married too. I don’t want to walk with her in the aisle with wrinkles on my face and large eye glasses. So yes, I still worry even people thinks I am still young to get frustrated.

But what can I do? If God gave me this kind of status then maybe He has bigger plans for me. Maybe He needs me to do something else than holding someone’s hand while picking what movie to watch. Maybe He is preparing me for something bigger like a good career or building a charity one day. Yes, I dream to have one someday.

So to you, who’s reading my blog posts, trying to look for answers why enjoy being single; To you who are trying to fit in the world of single blessedness; To you who are trying to motivate yourself to wait until you find the one, this message is really for you.

I cannot give you answers right now why, but believe the one above has good plans for you.

You are the only person who will know the why-s.

You have to believe. You have to entrust and surrender yourself.

Maybe, the reason why I am single right now is because He wants me to inspire people like you to enjoy this season of your life.

He let me experience how to go to places all by myself without asking a boyfriend to drive for me.

He let me experience not to spend too much money on prepaid loads and instead spend on books and make ups and seminars for myself.

He let me experience coffee and random dates to people who shouts nothing but praises to God.

He let me experience how to fix my own schedules not only for parties but for different catholic gatherings where I will learn to know HIM more.

He let me see the things that people in relationships don’t see when they are in love and let me talk to these people until they figure things out.

I am not perfect but my God is.

So if by chance I touched your life, then maybe I have the right to say that being Single is one of the best time of my life.


Here’s the thing, I will give you 8 things I learn as a Single Woman on her 25, it’s up to you if you will agree. It’s up to you if you will motivate yourself to do such things. And also, It’s up to you what you will think after.

  1. I learn to discipline myself.


When you are on your 20s and you still get money from your parents. You have to start thinking that you cannot ask money forever.

Start to budget.

It’s okay if you’re not ready to invest on things like stock market. (Though I suggest starting early). It’s okay because I know it takes a lot of courage and trust to do that.

You have to discipline yourself by starting to save and then ask yourself why you are saving.

Now if you’re like me who works for a living, you have to think wiser than before. You don’t want to be an employee forever, right? You want to start thinking about your future self and family when you are caught in an emergency; when you need to shell out some money.

You have to discipline yourself by spoiling yourself on what you need rather than wants.


Who does not want to have a sexy body like Arci Munoz? Jessie Mendiola? Local artists.

For sure, once in your life, you STALKED their feeds to know how they work out. It’s time for you to do healthy living my friend. Discipline yourself even for a 10-15 or 20? Or 30 minutes every day. Jog? Run? Sit Ups? Yoga? or Maybe Zumba.

  1. I learn to invest on myself.

Seminars and Training.

You have to enrich your mind in different ways. Yes seminars and training are quite expensive. Most especially, if you’re earning enough to fund yourself or support your family.

But you can always filter out which one will suits you best.

Are you a frustrated makeup artist?

Do you want to build a business in the future?

Do you want to get healed and bless others?

Do you want to want to know which way to go in terms of your career?

There are a lot of programs for you that can help you be the better version of yourself.

You have to shell out from time to time, yes. But you will thank these speakers and mentors for sure after you learn.

Be wise my friend. Invest in your learning.

  1. I learn to try new things.


Sky Diving?

Adventure Trips?

Church Ministries?

Name all the things you want to join now in order to know yourself more.

Don’t be afraid to take the challenge and go with the things you haven’t tried before.

Again, this is the best time of your life.

You got to decide how you want to spend your life without asking anybody if they agree or not (except for some who still needs approval from their parents.)

Find a new hobby and Go out. How will you know what you can and you cannot do if you’ll stay in your room and worry that you are alone?

Figure it out, honey.

  1. I learn to forget what the world thinks.

C’mon. For sure there are people who keep on asking you if you have a boyfriend or if you’re getting married.

Don’t get pressured on what people thinks.

Be pressured on what you think is better for your life.

Your civil status doesn’t determine your successes in life, remember?

Forget what the world thinks and improve what you think about yourself.

Do the things that will sustain you even if you don’t have someone with you.

You are on your own FOR NOW. So might as well live gracefully and GORGEOUSLY.

For sure some people who are in relationships, envy some single woman and man too.

Single people can do what they want to do without thinking if some people will agree.

Don’t let what other people thinks ruin how you will enjoy your life.

  1. I learn to think outside the box.

This is the best time to be smart about life.

Since you are learning from different people and experiences, this is the best time to broaden your understanding about life.

When is the best time to think about yourself? To think about others?

When is the best time to be more patient? More understanding?

When is the best time to use your head? To do the impossible? To make your dreams come true?

This is the best time to answer all your What, Where, When, Why and How-s.

  1. I learn to love myself more.

You have no choice my dear but to love yourself.

You are on your own now, Sweetie.

It’s a must to do sacrifices for your own good.

You have to think about yourself more often.

You have to learn how to embrace the things that are happening in your life.

You have to know yourself more so when the right person comes you are ready. You are whole.

No one deserves a person who has a lot of extra baggage in their life, right? Your future partner deserves the better you.

  1. I learn to be positive.

You have no one to cheer you up when you are sad and lonely but yourself.

You have no one to talk to when everyone’s busy in their work, relationships or whatever they are going through.

You have no one but yourself to cheer you up my dear. So it’s much better to put a little positivity in your heart.

Be the best person you want for yourself.

Learn to be positive and to boost yourself to do the impossible.

He, who made you, wants you to know that you can change the world if you learn to be optimistic. Be the best cheer leader for others especially to yourself.


8. I learn to be happy on my own.

What can the world offer that I already offered myself?

I didn’t put up this blog post to change your status okay?

I didn’t put up this post to remind you to be selfish and think only about yourself.

I put this up to remind you that it’s okay to be single.

That it’s okay to give yourself something better.

That it’s okay to worry because I, too, worry even If I give advice to all the single people I meet.

I am helping you to be happy on your own.

To be contented and not to be bitter.

God subtracts in your life so He can add more into your life.

He did not anoint you because you had problems from your past, but He anoints you to be prepared for anything this world will throw to you.

Might as well live gracefully right?

I only want to inspire you the way I want to inspire myself.

This is the best time of our life Single Ladies.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t get frustrated.

Change the way you see yourself right now.

You have a purpose only you and your God can understand.

Listen to him.

God Bless!


*Photos by Laine Marie Bringuelo

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