Figure it Out

I pray that you start making a switch in your life TODAY.



Figure it out how not to listen to the noise that doesn’t concern you

Figure it out how not to log in to your social media accounts for a week so you can spend more time to the people you love

Figure it out how not to overreact on the issues that doesn’t even care if you have opinion or not

Figure it out how not to talk behind people’s back when they did nothing but goodness to you

Figure it out how not to fall in love with a person who love someone else and treat you just like his sister/mother

Figure it out how not to procrastinate the dreams you have in your heart and mind since you were 8 years old

I know You’ll figure it out.

I just hope that it will come as soon as NOW.

I pray that you start making a switch in your life TODAY.

You have better things to do than just scrolling your timeline back and forth of your friends’ who’s having the great time of their lives.

You have the power to start today like tomorrow is your victory.

You have to start the things you want to try, you want to have and you want to experience.

Yes, there is time for everything but you have to make the impossible possible now.

Life is a race, don’t get stuck on the starting line when everyone else is running.

You have to get ready, you have to be prepared, you have to run and chase those dreams.

No one has the right to tell you that your dreams are so impossible to make.

You have a better life a head of you.

Some athletes, business men, intellectual people may be ahead of you because they know what they want, because they know their goals and plans in life, but my dear, there is no late in trying.

No one asks you to be ahead or to be as fast as they are, the important thing is you have the courage to try.


I know, You’ll figure it out SOMEDAY but I hope that you are waiting with action.

You are waiting with moving.

You are waiting with crazy plans in your head on how to get there.

You can figure this out NOW.

Don’t live your life with regrets.

You have to quit putting so much time talking about other people’s victory when you can make your own.

So, go ahead and make your own.

You have to make your dream a reality.

You have to figure it out.

Because the future people who will benefit from your dreams are waiting for you.

Run with grace Champion!

God Bless!


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