What Tito’s second chance in life taught me as a Nurse

Guess we have no choice but to move forward right?


When I heard the news that my uncle passed away, I experienced the first stage of DABDA which is Denial. I was watching the movie Love Me Tomorrow while waiting for the pizza delivery to come at that moment.

I don’t know how to react so I continued watching the movie.

Then tears started to fall.

I wasn’t sure if that’s because the movie was so good or simply because my heart knows how deeply I am affected with what happened.

My uncle’s illness taught me how good it is to be given a second chance, How good it is to surrender it all to Him while waiting and How it is to fight while you still can.

My uncle didn’t say “Yes” to us during his confinement, He refused to be brought to Intensive care Unit, to undergo operations and to more tests and diagnostics. He actually handled everything the way he wanted it to be. The way any parent would do.

He even asked for a confession.


My dear friends, we get so preoccupied with the things that are happening in our lives without knowing that regrets will haunt us down when the time comes.

” Iniisip mo paulit ulit ilang oras ang nasayang mo kung sana may nagawa ka lang”

I learned today that God actually give us second chances in life not because we deserve it compared to others, but because He feels that the people around our circle deserves it too (through us).

He needs us to live our purpose, while for others, he needed more time for them to learn how to value, how to adapt, how to understand and how to love while we are still present.

Guess we have no choice but to move forward right?

I think the real lesson here is that you should live your life the way you want it to be. We may not always give the right choice, we may not be always in our sanity, we may not give the right directions all the time but as long as we keep living with our choices, we could have a good life.

We can survive.

And nothing in this world is permanent except God’s love.

To my Uncle,
Thank You for teaching us how to give and how to share; How to be firm with our choices and how to love our family, especially our siblings; How to be respectful and how not to ask for anything in return.
Thank You for always thinking about our welfare.
And most of all thank you for the trust that you gave me during your confinement.
You taught me how to be more compassionate and how to become a real nurse.


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