An open letter to the amazing person I met while I was not searching for love

Thank You for letting me feel how I should be appreciated.



I just want you to know how you are making me happy right now.

You came from a distance without any notice.

Imagine two strangers, placed in one location, trying to find their purpose and then, I don’t know..

We just find each other’s company helpful and comforting.
Then everything else just falls into places.
Until now, I can’t visualize how things just happened between us.
We just click and became very close.
We never thought we will appreciate each other the way we do today.

Thank you for your random posts (dedicated to me) that makes me giggle in times that I don’t expect any blessings from above.

Thank You for reminding me how blessed I am to be able to inspire people like you.
Thank you because you just let me be blown away by your compliments every day.

For me, you are someone I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life.

And to be honest, I pray that people who gone through heartache could meet someone like you too.
Someone who will remind them that the good things they do for others will be repaid a hundred fold.
Someone who will be proud to tell the world how blessed to have a friend like you.
Someone who will look at you like you are one of the best things the Universe has thrown into his life.

Someone who tells you “you are beautiful” every day without making you feel suspicious about anything.

I pray to all the broken-hearted and wounded soldiers to find someone like you.

You are amazing.

And if by chance I have to choose whether to love you from here or there.

I would choose to love you from here.

To love you in the best way I could ever think of.

A love that will surely last.

A love that promises forever, and that’s what you call friendship.

You deserve someone to love you from a distance without pulling you back from your dreams.

You deserve someone who will stand from a far, clapping as you sing your hearts out, without any love quarrels or issues of disrespect.

You deserve someone who will just inspire you from a distance instead of hate messages because you were too busy standing up for what you want in life.

I will always choose to be your friend.

I will always choose our friendship.

Because again, you are amazing.

And you deserve a love as amazing as our friendship.

Thank You for letting me feel how I should be appreciated.

You are amazing.

I hope you remember that.

PS. I wrote this so this could remind us that when problems come our way, our relationship is better than our pride. I am serious, let’s read this whenever we feel bad about each other.

*Featured Image not mine. CTO. Photo above by Rio Bringuelo


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