Self Love

When you save something for yourself


I heard you just lost someone you love.

Yet you still have the heart that is so compassionate and too big to give the remaining pieces to others.

But Please, I hope you save for yourself too

I hope you do.

Because when you learn to love yourself, you learn to give yourself another chance too

To grow

To fail

Maybe to love again

To get hurt

To be Happy

To do the impossible

To do what you thought you can never achieve

So please save some for yourself.

Because when you learn to love yourself, you learn to give yourself another chance too

Because when everyone else’ hearts get broken, they can no longer give it back to you.

When the light of hope turns off

And the world starts to fall apart

That’s the time they need someone like you

Someone who chose to save some for herself

And the pieces left will be enough to light even a single heart.

Then the people will start to realize that this world is still a better place

Someone like you is in there

And they can be like you too

No matter how hard it is

No matter how empty and broken they feel

The light of hope will start to spark again

And the people will have hope

You have no idea how you magically transform others

Until you receive random messages of thanksgiving from different people

You receive a lot of I love you-s from strangers

You receive gifts and songs and prayers and

Everything will look perfect

Because you save enough love for yourself that has the capacity to multiply

So My Dear, save some for yourself so you can share it to people when it feels so dark and impossible

Then who knows?

One day you will no longer feel broken

And Empty again

Because someone is willing to share his love to you

Just like what God always do to you.

P.S. To that one sweet person who message me this morning. Thank You for reminding me that there will always be someone who will be forever grateful for the person I am right now. To always and forever, Cheers.


*Photos used are not mine. Credits to the owner. 

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