Love and Relationships

To the Heartbroken You

ShutterstockTypewriter2Feeling Down?

Feeling Frustrated?

Feeling mo end of the world na because your better half walked away?

And you were left with no choice but to move on?

I know the feeling.

And I hate to admit this, but I am not ready to be on that same position again.

So tonight, before I wrap up this day, let me talk to all the wonderful creatures that God ever made, whose heart is ripped off after a bad break up. I have a love letter for you but allow me to say this first:

You are a survivor!

WARNING: I suggest that you open your heart and your mind as you read this. You may not experience this soon, but believe me, once you are close to stitching yourself again, you’ll thank not only me but also God who never leaves.

To the Heart Broken You:

If it wasn’t that painful then it means you never care, you didn’t love at all.

  1. You’ll get better someday

And when I mean someday, “Getting Better” is not as soon as possible. You have to deal with the process of being heart-broken. You have to bear the pain and the feeling of being alone so when the time comes that you are ready to love again, you will know how to love at your best.

I know you wanted it quick; you want to take the shortcuts so you drink all night, Get into hibernation all the time and you make sure that you get preoccupied because the pain is too much to bear, but my dear, that’s how it should be. If it wasn’t that painful then it means you never care, you didn’t love at all.

You never give it all.

So don’t be afraid if you are taking it slow compared to the rest because the healing is supposed to be concentrated on you. It should not be a competition between you or other people; you have to realize that the one you should be paying attention more is yourself.

For now, embrace the fact that you’ll have to go through different emotional stages because that will make the better version of you.

People get drained and you’ll have no one to call but God on your prayers.

  1. Most of the Time, you have to deal with it alone

I know it doesn’t seem right. You have your support group ready to give you warm hugs and unending advice, but you have to be open-minded that they also have lives on their own.

Soon you’ll see them go one by one and the pain you are feeling right now will hurt more.

People get drained and you’ll have no one to call but God on your prayers.

I understand that all you need is a listening ear and empathy, but don’t you want learn how to handle your troubles independently?

Soon, you have to figure out when and where to start without the help of somebody but faith. And when that happens, you are now ready to stand on your own without throwing a pity party, without beers and cigars and without anyone telling you how to move on.

I get it, LOVE is crazy and wild.

I don’t judge you.

  1. You’ll laugh about it when the right time comes

I have a friend named Jose.

Jose is 26 years Old and has been living his dream after he passed his boards as an engineer. All are good for Jose except for one; the love of his life is getting married. He got an invitation from his Ex-girlfriend and was chosen as a godfather too (Too much for an MMK story right?)

Jose, wanted to prove that he moved on from the past, He attended the wedding and ended up feeling worst that He thought.

Imagine how excruciating the pain when the priest said “You may kiss the bride”

Crazy Right?

I hope you don’t do this to yourself.

I hope you don’t do this again.

But if there was an instance that this happened to you, or worse than this, let me give you a clap offering, let’s charge this to your experience and laugh about this when the right time comes.  I’ll bring chips and drinks if you like.

Because One day, when all the pain is gone and you look into the mirror, you see a reflection of a brave soul. You can get through this shame for sure and I hope that you share this to the next generation so they’ll learn from this.

I get it, LOVE is crazy and wild.

I don’t judge you.

I know God can pull you out of this!

  1. You’ll love being single soon

I swear, until now, I couldn’t imagine how much I love being single right now.

I love how I get to control my sleeping routines.

I love how I dress without impressing anyone.

I love how I decide on my own.

I love that I give myself more time for everything.

I pray that when you reach this stage, you’ll be twice happier that I am right now.( I couldn’t wait to hear from you.)

Because my dear, You deserve this.

You deserve to be happy and you deserve to feel the love from the Heaven.

This is the season of your life where you can make decisions about where you want to take your career, which direction you wanted to go, where are you headed after 5 to 10 years? This is the time where all you have to think about is where to travel next or which party you have to attend whether how many dates you have.

Also, this is the time where you can try new things and learn new skills without asking anyone’s permission.

This is the time where you heal yourself so you can love again.

Accept the growth.

Can’t wait for your version 2.0!

God Bless!


*photos cto. photos not mine


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