25 Years Old and Counting

DSC_0465Hi Gorgeous!

How are you holding up?

You just turned 25-year-old and then you realize What if the life you’ve been living now is far from your heart’s desire?

Maybe, You are working because people expects you to work on a profession they thought is better for you.

Or, You are living in your comfort zone because your parents provided everything you though you need.

Or perhaps, you have your every day hangouts with your “friends” because you thought that friendship is the only good thing that happened to you.

Or this: you are stuck in a relationship for years that you thought deserves a happily ever after no matter how toxic it is.

My Dear, What if you realize that you consumed more than half of your life pleasing other people?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not here to say “you don’t have a great life”.

Because you do.

Unless you have second thoughts.

My Dear, What if you realize that you consumed more than half of your life pleasing other people?

Let me give you an example, Sahlee, for the past 25 years of her life, She feels that her mom knows what’s best for her. Sahlee allowed her mom to dictate to her what she will become after highschool.

She entered Accountancy in college. She got graduated. She got her license but still she feels there is more in store for her than being an accountant.

One day she got fed up, She analyzed the years she became a slave of someone else’s dreams. She let someone in her life to tell her who she is she supposed to be. She feels empty and frustrated every time she was asked why she took accountancy.

Sahlee likes her job but she feels she is gifted with something else. She engaged herself to different seminars and then she met different people who’s been living her dreams.

She wanted to have the same courage that they have. The courage to take risk on what they believe is best for them without the noises bullying around.

Just like Sahlee, A lot of us has the same story.

Count me in.

I turned 25 years old last January and believe me, since day 1 of 2016 rollercoaster of events happened in my life. I suddenly feel that I should start acting based on my age; that it’s time to grow up.

Here are the things I learned when I turned 25:


1. Make up your mind in choosing a career

You have to find a job that you are willing to wake up everyday with no regrets. Go to where you are most passionate to work and to where you are willing to sit in 8 to 12 hours and still feel contented after. Find a job that you are willing to take into the next level because it was your own choice.
It’s time to say goodbye for the dreams of others for yourself. You’re not getting younger right? You don’t want to live a life with full of regrets? Should have-s? and Should have been-s?

2. Family First

I am guilty of putting my family last.

I often put work first because this is what I thought was providing my needs. I thought that when you choose your work over your family, your parents and siblings will ALWAYS be proud. I thought that taking no leave-s will make you a good employee and your boss-es will give you appreciation.

But I think that was the lamest thoughts I ever had. Yes, I had compliments and praises from my previous supervisors, but none of them feels home. None of them makes me want to feel “we love you even if you don’t do this, do that”

Family will never let you feel you always have to prove yourself.
Family will never make you feel alone.
Family will always make you feel you are enough.

Even Though, there would be times that you feel you cannot put them all together in a dinner table, thought there would be times you feel you cannot share everything at the living room, though you feel you don’t get 100% support from all your decisions, I think Family should always go first. They are the ones who took care of you when the world does not know you exist right?


Who among you feels that the more you age, the more friends are leaving?
The more you give your insights about life, the more you stand for yourself, and the more you choose to be yourself, your “so-called-friends” walks away?

Sometimes it’s crazy to think that all your highschool barkada and college buddies can still be intact at this point in your life. That they can still be your way home. That they can still tolerate your insanity when career and family falls apart.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong to have a bunch of friends, but in this point of time, I bet there are only few friends you can count on. There are only few friends who you can cry with. There are only few friends that you can call your “real friends”.

Don’t be afraid if you are left with 2-3 good friends around you, It’s perfectly normal! Believe me, these few friends are more than enough!

It’s okay if you don’t figure it all out.

4. Choose Yourself because He always choose You!

My dear, I hope that as you swim in the ocean of life you are equipped, You are strong, You are, well not maybe 100%, but I hope you are almost complete. Because that’s what you should be. That’s how it should be.

I am not telling you, these people who matters to you are not real. That they will ALWAYS break your heart, but wouldn’t you agree that during your dullest and ground breaking events in your life, you are on your own? Maybe on bended knees, Maybe in the corner of your room sitting, maybe you are in your bed with tears falling nonstop. You have nothing but yourself.

The good news is, Someone you cannot see but you can feel is willing to take charge during this time.

He’s not just there when you turned 25 but he’s there from the day your parents planted you in their hearts. He is willing to go with you through all of these and he wanted you to know that you should love yourself. (Parang kanta lang haha)

He made you.

He knows you.

And whatever you are going through right now in terms of career, finances or relationships, He believes this will make your character, your spirit, YOURSELF.

Someday? 🙂 

My dear, be afraid if you need to, be unsure, be guarded, be all of these at the same time if you need to. But you know, you have to be opposite of all of these someday, You will still get those sunshine even if you choose to get stuck. There are more rainbows waiting for you. There are more sunshine and sunrise coming. You cannot change what will happen, You cannot control things, but you can start CHOOSING THE LIFE YOU WANT and Let him do his Job.

My dear, 25 years Old is just a number. But being 25 has a lot of risks, challenges and responsibilities. I hope you choose the best seat and place the right seat belt to where HE takes you.

He loves you.

He is proud of you

It’s okay if you don’t figure it all out.

He got you.

You can do this.

My dear, 25 years Old is just a number.

And who knows maybe you’ll find that peace you are looking for sooner or later.
And then as you read this again, You’ll just laugh about this.
Because You Survived 25 years Old.



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