Message Sent

12977246_10154133945129294_6846372386362488911_oHello lovely Readers,

Today, I’m going to share God’s letter for me when I attended Love Life Batch 16 Retreat. In this part, we were given 20-30 minutes to sit down with God and write whatever we feel God is telling us.

Here it is:

My Dearest Child,

How are you?

I know you’re tired already, maybe because you came from work before you came here and I wasn’t able to give you long hours of sleep. Or maybe work has drained you because I let patients came in large groups this week.

I’m sorry but you know I love you, this BIG and this MUCH, that I am preparing you for a big victory in the end, right?

So how is your heart, Dear?

Thank you for putting me first. Thank you for taking your time to leave from work just to be here no matter what. I know I’ve pushed you too much this week and yet you still came. Thank you for that darling.

Again, how are you, Love?

I hope this retreat reminded you how beautiful you are inside and out. I hope you will fulfill your promise to me and to yourself that you’ll survive no matter how intense the storm will be.

You are one of my bravest soldier my dear, you are my toughest hero on earth and thank you for coming in this retreat to surrender it all.

Thank you for coming home.

I actually know how you are and how you’ve been  but I want you to know it too because a true victor knows, understands and loves despite the situation where SHE STANDS.

I know it’s difficult and baka humirap pa, pero remember the love I put in your heart during your heartbreak?10484565_10154712847955551_5524593619096435092_o

“ You are beautiful. You are Smart. You are an amazing Child of God. You can Forgive, You can Let Go. There is Nothing You cannot Do. You can Surpass this!”

Share the Good News Love.

I love you!

As Always,


After reading this, I hope you reflect on what you think is God’s message for you today. What is he saying? What is God telling you to do?

I ‘ll be praying for you.

Take Care and God Bless you.



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