From Zero to Hero to ZERO

1398922_10156593355005551_650488251772166998_oDo you know how hard it is to become a hero?

Not the kind of hero you watch on movies

Not the kind of hero with capes or briefs on top of their costumes

Not those with incomparable speed and marvelous fighting skills

I am talking about being a Real Life Hero. These are the people who works for you, serves you, who takes care of you when you’re sick, who’s been updating you with your financial accounts, who gives you your bills when you call them; These are the people who you encounter and communicate with  every day of your life. This is also YOU.

I remembered when I was still studying nursing at one of the most prestigious catholic school here in the Philippines (Buhatan ng banko ito hahah) we were supposed to wear organizational shirts every school anniversary. As nursing students, we are assigned to wear green polo shirts with a caption “REAL LIFE HEROES”. This label is as if we are preparing ourselves for something heroic for the next years for our lives.

We are called to be from ZERO TO HERO.

After I passed the board exam, I was afraid to lose my professional license. Imagine getting locked up on a boarding house for 3 months to study every book, every module, every subject over and over again just to passed the nursing licensure exam.

You have no idea how much pressure you have to put in your mind just to have that “RN” after your name.

So I studied again, just to delay my application to hospitals, I became an emergency medical technician. We are the local “911” Team you watch on foreign shows. We attend calls from vehicular accidents, Self-accidents, mass casualties etc. along the streets.

Fast forward, after months of serving inside a moving vehicle I got a recommendation from my mentor to advised me to apply as a company nurse. I sit there for a year then something happened in my life that made me courageous enough to take a leap of faith. I wore my imaginary cape and just throw myself into my fear of entering a hospital.

So here I am, I am an emergency room nurse and up to this day I still have my fears with me. Being a hero wasn’t that easy. Patients come not only to be treated but to curse you whenever there are delays in their admissions, patients come not only to get RESETAS but to bully you and asked you “bago ka?” if you failed to insert their iv cannulas on your first try, patients come not only to ask for help regarding their health condition but to shout at you whenever they question all the treatments that the doctors ordered after doing their physical examinations.

You have no idea how much pressure you have to put in your mind just to have that “RN” after your name.


We are not the admitting section.

We are not your cashiers.

We are not your doctors.

We are not part of any other services except the one that is in our job descriptions.

But still we serve you as the best that we could even if it’s beyond our specialty.

I thought becoming a hero can give you awards of appreciation and gratitude in this world. But I was wrong, becoming a hero makes you want to go back to ZERO again. You wanted to be just the simple guy with no degrees and profession after your work asked for more than you can give.

It is not easy to be a HERO.

You earned your profession after school, after the board examinations, after all the degrees you took.

You keep challenging yourself just to be a HERO to somebody else.

So every time people pull you down, people question your capabilities, people mock your service, people blame you for something out of your control you lose value of yourself.

But listen to this:

The world is much easier to carry if you imagine yourself as a HERO than to become a NOBODY.13016445_10156753273650551_1812240146_o

Than to become ZERO again

Because I think that no matter how many people drag you down

No matter how many stab wounds you’ll get from these ungrateful hearts

No matter how many undeserving words you hear

No matter how many tomatoes they throw during your “ALL IN” performance

There is someone up there who is willing to repay you more than what this world could ever offer.

I know you felt disappointed after you read the first part of this blog, I know how much you agree with how I defined the monsters around you, maybe you have more words to describe them. But I also want you to see the other side of these things.

These people who challenge your abilities, who challenge your heart to understand and forgive, who challenge your whole being are the people who will turn you to become the best HERO for yourself.

They are not born to define you. They are born to mold you.

Filter your learnings my REAL LIFE HERO.

You are always better than these people.




*Featured Image cto . Photo from Zeti Cuenca

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