Imagine this

12970559_10156748884055551_398795100_oPeople nowadays would take photos wherever they are. They feel that for people to notice they are having a wonderful time, they would take pictures and send it on their social media accounts.

Let’s admit it. Besides sharing the best times of our life, we want them to see how happy you are to be part of that place, event or simply be part of that amazing people.

Last Sunday, April 9, 2016 I attended a Seminar entitled “Write That Right Now” and guess what? I don’t have any photos from that event except the “selfie” photo from our Speaker, Ms. Karren Renz Seña.

There I realized na Oo nga no, may mga bagay tayong masyado nating gustong bigyan ng focus na ni kumuha ng camera will be a waste of time. You wanted to engage on that happening that you wanted to ignore whatever you think is a distraction.

Wait. Am I making sense here?

What I want you to realize is this: Seize the moment.

And what I mean by Seize is “enjoy the view”.

Take photos from your eyes.

Feel everyone’s presence.

Hear their laugh and their cry at the same time

Smell the goodness out of it.

Taste the unforgettable time of your life.

Have that “sincerest” enjoyment that you can ever have in your entire life.

The moment that you are in that scene, I pray that you share it with words. You write it down. You speak about it. Make them feel that there are these places that they don’t need to see through photos but through experience. They have to be on that same spot where you had a great view so they can also have that “kind” of memory.

Have those RARE moments where you just sit there and feel how HE loves you to make it happen.

Going to that Seminar is my first baby step on my dream of becoming a writer. Yes, I want to be a writer. I believe I have something to share. I believe that I have the “gift” to inspire you through BEAUTIFUL WORDS. (Thanks Ms. Karren!)positiviree

My Operation Positivity is built with my “Hope” to see only optimism on my timeline. I strongly believe that the posts on social media have great impact on ones’ lives. Yes, there is news to make you informed, there are meme’s that make you entertained, there are blogs that make you understand things under the sun, but more than that I want a newsfeed with posts from the optimistic hearts. I want to see more of encouragement, words of wisdom, happy thoughts, motivating words and inspirational quotes.

I simply believe you can change the world through your words.


I guess that is also what Project Beautiful Words is all about. (I swear, that workshop is too good to describe. I am calling all writers wanna be, enroll to the next batch )

If only people will realize that they can revive thousands of dreams because of consistent empowering posts over social media maybe, just maybe, we will no longer be afraid of this world.



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