5 Beauty Hacks according to Ree

“ Ang ganda mo”

“ Seryoso, maganda ka nga “

Those beautiful words came from a friend I just bump in right in front of the Mall Of Asia Arena after the Grand Easter Feast. Parang may nagfireworks sa likod mo after he said those words, which, by the way, really made my day. (Thanks Pat!)

Let’s push rewind and try the Face Swap. I’ll be the reader and you’ll be on the same spot where I was standing, then Pat came and says those magic words. How does it feel?

Pretty Amazing I guess, especially if you’ve been through a lot lately.

Now here’s another question:   What will you feel if I share to you my beauty secrets that I’ve been doing for more than a year now?

For us ladies, It is really hard to maintain the physical beauty especially if we are always exposed to toxins caused by pollution. What more to maintain the beauty inside if we are surrounded stress caused by the decisions you make or the people around you?

What’s the connection of the beauty regimens to the beauty inside? I bet you will agree that the key to physical beauty comes from within!

Now, maybe you want to ask so how will I take good care of myself holistically?



Of course, who does not wash their faces right?

It’s a must ladies! But be sure before you wash your face, your hands are clean okay?

A real beauty queen knows how to wash their face. I suggest you read more on how to wash your face properly.



Most of the articles I’ve read have moisturizers on their lists. I used to have a dry skin especially when I started going to a dermatologist.

Yes, I’ve seen one. Not because I need a major reconstruction or whatsoever but just because during my puberty stage I don’t know what I am going to do with my pimples. Haha I’m not perfect ladies!

So Okay, let’s go back to moisturizers, I do it every after I took a bath so that would be before I go to work and after. This gives my skin rehydration!


Sun Block

Believe me, You should use sunblock every day, most especially if you’ll be out from 10am-3pm. There are no special brands, I think whatever suits you best, grab it asap on the nearest stores.

I guess that’s why I still look as young as 18 years Old, haha just kidding.

But seriously, choose those with high SPF or UV protection especially if you are a GO-person, someone who loves to “go” on adventures under the heat of the sun.

Match it with lots of water to drink, what do you think? 🙂

For the next BEAUTY HACKS, I want you to think of this as a MUST on your list. These 2 beauty Hacks are tried and tested and the numbers 1-3 won’t have a lasting effect if you don’t have these:


A daily dose of Optimism

That’s why I am loading myself with so much of it at the start of the day!12899465_10156682786535551_2086928508_o.jpg

Were you not blessed on your newsfeed? 🙂

When you have a positive attitude inside of you, it radiates, It bless others, It builds relationships, It doesn’t ruin your day, It gives you the energy that you’ll be needing more than any 12 hour long lasting beauty product.

You have to be optimistic sweetheart!

The real beauty is from the inside and why not start it by avoiding a negative outlook in your day, in your week, in your month, in the next years and in your life?

Put that Smile On Sweetheart! The world needs more of that!


A rechargeable Faith

And when I say rechargeable, I mean you know where to go after a long tiring, super mega draining day! We are not perfect, there are times that we wanted to just stop taking care of ourselves, just lay on the bed and forget the beauty hacks. I’ve been there. But am I right that the next day you check yourself in the mirror and see those lines on your forehead, pimples on your cheeks, eye bags under your eyes, you wanted to freak out?

You have to get that rechargeable Faith and plug it to the beautiful ladies who doesn’t seem to look into the mirror and say “ I am beautiful “ . You know the feeling, so why not help yourselves and help the ladies out there?

This is just simple, you have to maintain the Faith that no matter what happens on your day, God will pull you through out of it. He will still bring out the beauty and the best in you!

You can start with a little mantra in the morning,

“ Good Morning Beautiful! You are God’s gift to the world! “

Kahit dagdagan mo pa ng  “Ang ganda mo talaga!”


This Faith will not work if you just give it all to him then you don’t trust yourself; You don’t have FAITH in yourself.

Once in a while, due to our hormones, we feel bad about ourselves, we count what’s ugly so if that happens, recharge to God, recharge from your best friends, your mentors and your family. You have a lot to share and the people you love too!

Remember you must have the Faith that no matter how many ups and downs in your life, You will always go back to the kind of beauty, God made you!


Maybe there’s a reason why you keep on reading journals after journals, articles after articles, blogs after blogs on improving yourself, maybe you feel less of a person, and you feel you are not as gorgeous as your friends, your sisters and even your family members. Maybe you think your face is not good enough to pass the Miss Universe screening. Maybe you think there is someone who is prettier than you that caused your boyfriend to cheat. Hey, Don’t be too harsh on yourself, You just have to be wise about this, You actually don’t need the 1,2,3 Beauty Regimens if you will not prioritize the numbers 4 and 5. The other 3 numbers above are just bonuses, the real beauty hack should come from within. You have to be positive than no matter how wasted you are, you are beautiful; that no matter how many pimples jump off to your face, Your Faith in yourself and to the One who created you is much more important.

When you have this two, most especially the last number everything else will follow. Your Faith in him gives you the pass in all the beauty regimens in the world, it’s like building yourself first then everything else will follow.


Tiwala lang Ganda! Ikaw pa ba?


*Photos by Laine Marie Bringuelo



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