Career and Dreams

” I am in the exact place where I should be. “

By: The Lost Girl

I can still remember the fight that night.

We were so hungry to the point that we felt frustrated and annoyed after hours of going around Marikina looking for this place.


We’ve decided not to push through with our plan and let anger ruined the night.

We didn’t talk about it afterwards and You tried to change the mood by opening another topic

I thought were okay.

It never occurred to me that It’s the start of you not being honest with me anymore.

Months passed, my fear of getting lost happened again. We are no longer US.

We fight and we fight until we get tired searching for the love we used to have.

Then we broke up.


5 years after, I decided to look for this place again.

I used google map, I used waze. I used travel guides and maps.

Even the most powerful tool I believe I used; Prayer.

I want to find that place because maybe, just maybe, I can also find the answer I’ve been looking for.

So I did it.

I found the place.


But I never found you at the same spot.

Never will I.

Because I know that what happened to us is what exactly what we needed in the first place.

We need to get lost so we can switch our focus on the other things.

We thought what we want is always what’s the best for us.

But look where we are now, we are the people we dream of becoming with great stories to tell.

We will never know what happiness means if we didn’t know how to be broken.

We will never know how to hold on to what we have until we lost it all one by one.

And we will never know how good it is to be FOUND when we never get lost.


Photos were taken from Patio Vera. Photos taken by Rio and Laine Marie Bringuelo

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