” I am in the exact place where I should be. “

I can still remember the fight that night.

We were so hungry to the point that we felt frustrated and annoyed after hours of going around Marikina looking for this place.


We decided not to push through with our plan and let anger ruined the night. Instead of talking about it, I tried to change the mood by opening another topic.

I thought that’s okay.

It never occurred to me that silence also means secrecy. Silence also means I’m hurt and I need resolution.

After almost four years, we started to have arguments. I guess honeymoon stage is over and the fear of losing him happened.

We broke up.


A year after, I decided to look for this place again. Maybe I was looking for a closure – I was assessing myself how strong I’ve become. Well, just like the what happened before, I still get lost.


Now, I realized that what happened to us is what exactly what we needed in the first place. We need to get lost in order to be found.

When I lost him, I found myself . I found where I should start picking the broken pieces. I started to be better every single day. I started to realize that there is more to life that clinging to a person’s love.

We have to go through detours after detours just to get into the right place. We may not fully understand it yet but God has his own ways.


Photos were taken from Patio Vera. Photos taken by Rio and Laine Marie Bringuelo

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